Sing to me

Or, behind the scenes in the process of choosing a project.

The new yarn (Crystal Palace Taos) is being a bit difficult. It’s lovely stuff, very soft, and the colors are beautiful. But I’m still not sure what to knit with it. Nothing is singing to me.

At first I thought a bit of feather and fan would be fun. I’ve always wanted to knit a feather and fan lace pattern, and Two Weeknights with Warrick looked like it would be perfect. Great pattern, easy to memorize. Alas, it doesn’t do justice to the yarn. I’ll knit this pattern with a different yarn somewhere down the road.

So I cast on for the checkerboard scarflet. But the checkerboard was getting lost in the color changes, or the color changes were getting lost in the checkerboard. I’m not sure which.

I poked around on Ravelry to see what other people made with this gorgeous yarn. A lot of entrelac! And some mitered scarves. Aha. How about the Pioneer Braid Scarf? I cast on this morning and knit for a bit. The pattern is ingenious. Here’s what it looks like. And this is a much better depiction of the true colors.

pb scarf

It’s better than the first two tries, but it still doesn’t sing to me. And I’m not sure I want to knit an entire scarf right now. Tempus fugit! I’m thinking that I’ll play with some entrelac. I’d make a Quant, but the intended recipient isn’t a headband sort of person. On the other hand, I’m not sure she’d use the entrelac item I have percolating in my mind, either. But at least I’d get a design out of the yarn. If I do it. What I thought would be a straightforward project, isn’t. Le sigh.

Well, the yarn isn’t singing to me yet, but I was singing yesterday! The Day Old Pastries, my folkie group, played and sang carols at our church Advent Festival in the afternoon. From there I went to sing with the Everyone Welcome Community Choir at Artichoke Music, and that was a blast. Here’s a clip of one of my favorite songs from yesterday, Siyahamba. It’s South African (Zulu). Enjoy!

8 responses to “Sing to me

  1. I am horrible about finding patterns that “sing” LOL I need someone to tell me.

    I do however like the Pioneer Braid it looks different and slightly complicated.

    I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for

  2. I think the Pioneer Braid scarf shows off the yarn beautifully! I’m with you, though, on not knitting scarves. I have a knitting block when it comes to knitting long skinny rectangles. (except for my Noro striped scarf – endlessly entertaining)

    I hope you find something you’ll enjoy knitting!

  3. I looked at the yarn pic before I read the post and immediately thought “entrelac”..I made a Danica a couple of years ago and that is a fun project, but it may take more yarn. I love what you chose…gonna head over to Rav and fave it.

    I have some leftover Noro Kochoran that is calling out for its own song as well. I am looking at the Inside Out scarf that Webs did as KAL recently. I found the pattern over on their site under their podcast section.

    It will be lovely no matter what you make…it has all my favorite colors!

  4. Lovely yarn. Hope you find a suitable song for it soon.

  5. I’m feeling the same way. It’s hard enough to combine yarn, pattern, and your mood for a project for yourself, but add in trying to figure out what someone else will love and I have fits of indecision and lots of false starts.

    Every year I swear I’m just going to give everyone a gift certificate and be done with it. But instead of sticking to it, I’m busy trying to pick the right pattern for my dad.

  6. Wow, I actually think that the Pioneer Braid Scarf looks absolutely gorgeous in that yarn! Love the pattern, too.

  7. I know that you will find the right composition (giggle ) for this yarn. I was listening to the Moonlight Sonata and because of your blog, I thought I wonder what yarn would go with this. Blogging really opens your mind to all the possibilities.

  8. I find myself drawn to variegated yarns but never knowing what to do with them. It seems so much easier to knit with solids, yet those variegated yarns are so so pretty to look at! I love tho colors in your yarn. Let us know when it starts to sing. 🙂