A different kind of music


I love the song “El Paso” by Marty Robbins. It’s so much fun to sing it with my Day Old Pastry friends. My friends Mitch and Karen introduced me to “Red Velvet Slippers” by Juni Fisher, the same story told from the girl’s point of view. The Pastries puzzled it out, and we love to sing that, too.

When blog friend Dee mentioned “El Paso” on her blog, I commented with an introduction to Juni Fisher. That got her wheels turning, and she invited Juni to do a house concert as a surprise for her husband’s grandmother. Nanny’s a Marty Robbins fan. Sounds like the event was a hit!

No pix; I didn’t make it to the event. But Dee was so sweet to invite me!

3 responses to “A different kind of music

  1. What a cool gift!

  2. Too bad you couldn’t go

  3. Juni told us she knew you! That she had a show in Branson the same time you were there and showed your artistry. Will you be there again and when? We would love to meet you and see your craft.

    It was a real treat hosting Juni overnight in our home and the concert felt like a Christmas present to us even though it was meant for sweet Nanny.