We have lift-off

I swatched and started Hey, Teach. I didn’t think I liked the 1×1 ribbing at the bottom, so I tried it with two garter ridges (4 knit rows) instead. It looked ok, but it was going to be too heavy when I repeated it at the edge of the sleeve. Then I tried 1 garter ridge, but that didn’t provide enough stability to keep the stockinette stitch above it from curling. So I’m back to the original 1×1 rib. I think it looks fine! I guess I just needed to consider all my options, first.


Here’s the rest of what I’ve done so far. Not bad for a few days work.


And a better view of the lace. I’ve finished one repeat of the 12 row lace pattern.


Last weekend, we took the Teen out for some driving practice on the Old Columbia River Highway. It was pretty late in the day, and it looked like the sunset would be pretty, so we drove up to Vista House at Crown Point.

vista house

From here you can see up and down the river. Here’s the view east:

crown pt east

And the view west:

crown pt west

It was pretty chilly out, so we didn’t stay long. I love the reflection of the clouds in the windows.


This weekend is dry. Finally. Temporarily. I took a walk on Friday, savoring the last bits of fall color. There are still some flowers:



And the remaining leaves are glorious.



Even after they’ve fallen.


What did you do with your weekend?

11 responses to “We have lift-off

  1. Hey Teach looks great – love the color. Very beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh it looks beautiful there! It was a cold, wet, windy, rainy Saturday. I took my son to swimming lessons, grocery shopped, and came home, drenched, to put on jammies and snuggle up in a quilt. Today was, thankfully, warmer and dryer. I took Liam to curling, then did laundry (ugh!) tidied up, made dinner, played Wii with him, and now I’m settling in to do some work.

    Your weekend looks more pleasant!

  3. I got a haircut. And washed the car. There may have been something else, but I can’t think of it just now…

  4. I also enjoyed our quick bit of dry mild weather, by working on cleaning the garage. Not as much fun as knitting Hey Teach, but I feel good about the progress and the possibility of parking my car somewhere warm & dry.

    Your photos are beautiful. I love Seattle, but Oregon will always be home to me. We will be driving over the columbia on our way to my folks house for Thanksgiving.

  5. Gorgeous photos!! Especially of the river!

    Hey Teach is going to be so pretty in that color!

  6. You knit so fast! And you always take such gorgeous photos.

  7. I *love* the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for the wonderful photos – it’s been grey up here – snow is in the forecast. I’m inspired to CO a Hey, Teach! for me, but must refrain for a while. My weekend? – Soccer for kids, soccer for me, knee owie for me…

  8. It always killed me when my mother or aunt ripped out an entire section of knitwork, but their knowledge that they could do it again, and even better, inspired me. Perhaps that’s why I cook. You put everything out there for your family and friends and hope for the best. If it doesn’t work, just start over. http://www.cookingwithdee.net, Dee

  9. You are motoring on the Teach sweater. I love the color you picked out for it.
    The photos of the leaves are my favorite.

  10. You must knit like the wind, my all of that in one day! The photos of the river were so serene . My favorite has to be the Anemone, the sun shining thru the petals and the bud sheltered underneath, very pretty!

  11. As a former sitter to the children, I’m very uncomfortable with another getting behind the wheel. I’m on record though as saying this one strikes me as safer some how.