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Weekend at Menucha

Not a lot of knitting time last week. I was prepping for our annual women’s retreat at Menucha. The retreat was this past weekend, and we had a great time. No snow this year! But we did have an awesome thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon. The sky was very dark, right about the time we were working on quilt squares, and trying to thread needles in the gloom.

The labyrinth was finished last summer. It’s in a rose garden; it will be gorgeous in June, but right now it’s a little spare. Which is beautiful in its own way.

center flower

This was my favorite stone.


Sunday morning was sunny and perfect, so I abandoned my planned program, and we walked the labyrinth instead. I’ve walked labyrinths before, and I always find it very meditative. Sunday’s walk was no exception. It’s interesting how the walk is an individual experience, even when walked in a group. Just like life.

labyrinth 1

There’s a sculpture garden behind the labyrinth. This piece reminded me of the Venus of Willendorf.


What little knitting I did this past week and weekend was on Ishbel. Once I became accustomed to knitting with really skinny yarn on medium sized needles, it started to flow. But it’s still not my favorite kind of knitting. I do think the effort will be worth it, though. It’s like gossamer. So lovely. No picture yet.

Sunday was apparently pink sock day. Joanne was wearing her Oriel socks from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks, and I was wearing my Shur’tugals.

pink socks

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:


vista house 3

vista house

Can you see Vista House out on Crown Point? This is the view from the swimming pool (it’s not pool season yet, though). The swimming pool is right by this fireplace. The fireplace has ovens, and a huge tank on the back for heating water. Clever! JM stands for Julius Meier, of Meier and Frank (Oregon department store, now part of Macy’s). Menucha is the old Julius Meier estate.


I hope your weekend was as nice as mine!

We have lift-off

I swatched and started Hey, Teach. I didn’t think I liked the 1×1 ribbing at the bottom, so I tried it with two garter ridges (4 knit rows) instead. It looked ok, but it was going to be too heavy when I repeated it at the edge of the sleeve. Then I tried 1 garter ridge, but that didn’t provide enough stability to keep the stockinette stitch above it from curling. So I’m back to the original 1×1 rib. I think it looks fine! I guess I just needed to consider all my options, first.


Here’s the rest of what I’ve done so far. Not bad for a few days work.


And a better view of the lace. I’ve finished one repeat of the 12 row lace pattern.


Last weekend, we took the Teen out for some driving practice on the Old Columbia River Highway. It was pretty late in the day, and it looked like the sunset would be pretty, so we drove up to Vista House at Crown Point.

vista house

From here you can see up and down the river. Here’s the view east:

crown pt east

And the view west:

crown pt west

It was pretty chilly out, so we didn’t stay long. I love the reflection of the clouds in the windows.


This weekend is dry. Finally. Temporarily. I took a walk on Friday, savoring the last bits of fall color. There are still some flowers:



And the remaining leaves are glorious.



Even after they’ve fallen.


What did you do with your weekend?