I’m a winner! KnittedWit had a contest on her blog, asking for voting stories. Here’s the prize: four ounces of her yummy hand-dyed yarn, 185 yards, color “passion,” 100% merino bulky weight.


close 2

The color in this picture is a little more true:

purple close

See all the lovely shades of purple in there? I love semi-solid colors. I think this may become a new chunky scarflet in some interesting texture, but you never know until the yarn speaks. Thank you, Lorajean!

Knit night was fun last night, but there was a stray dust bunny. Godzilla-sized. Yikes. I showed Cathy how to short-row shoulders for her DH’s vest. This is a complete rip and re-do, and she’s almost done. Can’t wait to see the finished vest. It was good to have to explain short rows to someone else; it really solidifies the process for me. I’ve done it twice, explained it once, and now it’s internalized.

The Adult Beginners Forum online recital goes live tonight at midnight. I squeaked in under the wire at number 64. Here’s a direct link to my piece; it’s Valse No. 1 from Valses Poeticos by Enrique Granados. I’m working on a couple others from this set, too, but they’re not ready for prime time!

5 responses to “Winner!

  1. Oh, I listened to your entire piece and really thought it was great. I love playing Granados but never heard this little piece before.
    So sweet and well played…

  2. Debussy is so beautiful, my favorite still has to be Vivaldi, and I know that its heard frequenlty, but I love the Four Seasons (especially Spring). My dearest friend is a Beethoven fiend and he has introduced me recently to Opera. I like the reference to two of my favorite things, music and knitting. The yarn looks quite yummy, I look forward to seeing what you will do with it.

  3. I know nothing about music, but I agree semi-solid colors are the best. The yarn is lovely, I can’t wait to see what you make of it.

  4. Congrats on winning – gorgeous yarn!

  5. Congrats! The yarn is lovely, great color too.

    I like how you’ve been taking photos with music sheet as your background.