It’s all about purple…

Remember how summer was all about blue for me? Blueberries, blue February Lady sweater, blue hydrangeas? And a little pink: Josephine, and the pink February Baby sweater.

New season, new color. Now it’s all about purple. Makes sense; blue + pink = purple!

Here’s what I’ve been working on: purple plums. Or technically, Italian prunes. I picked these at Vickie’s house when I was at her block party on Saturday. Kind of blue purple, but purple nonetheless.


I made them into two batches of jam. It’s funny how it’s red purple after processing, especially since the flesh of the fruit is yellow and the skin is blue! I used MCP pectin, which comes with a simpler recipe than the Sure-Jell variety. (No pre-cooking the plum mixture.) I know you can make jam without purchased pectin, but that would take a lot longer, and I’ve been using this process for years. Now I have 20 jars of plum jam, a taste of summer all winter long. And it’s great for gifts, too.


I rode my bike over to Twisted this afternoon to buy this yarn. It’s Louet Riverstone worsted; the color is eggplant. It’s a red purple, although I tend to think of eggplant as blue purple, like the plums in the first picture.


The yarn is for the Central Park Hoodie, which is the next knitalong at Twisted. It was my favorite out of the items up for vote, so how could I not make it? I voted for it! I admit that I may have been swayed by TurtleGirl’s CPH.

I’ll be swatching tonight at Knit Nite.

And since there’s just a bit of summer left, I’m using the leftovers from the blue February Lady sweater, and playing with the idea of a gull wing lace fingerless mitt. Besides, purple has blue in it, right? I’m transitioning!

9 responses to “It’s all about purple…

  1. Purple is good! Congratulations on “putting by” some plum jam, as my grandmother would say.

  2. Mmm, the jam looks yummy!

    Purple is one of my favorite colors! I recently picked up some yarn — three of them are purpureal shades — and if I can separate my bottom from the chair in front of the computer, I may actually get to taking photos of them.

  3. I love plums. I just picked some up so I could make a plum pie. I’ve never had plum jam; it sounds delicious.
    Pretty yarn too!

  4. I like purple…. and it’s big this year. You are so hip (and I am obviously not since I just used “hip” in a sentence!)

  5. I’m so excited for tonight! I forgot about that sweater, I meant to dye yarn for it. Oops. I’ll have to raid the stash!

  6. The CPH is going to be gorgeous in that yarn!

  7. Oooh, purple. What a divine idea 🙂

    I love the plums – I love plums in general, but have never had plum jam. I’m sure it’s just as delicious as it looks.

  8. I think that jam looks so good. I’d love to make a CPH but at my size I’d need a yarn store full of yarn to make it. Maybe next year.

  9. Is photography in your future as well? The yarn, the plums, the jam. You could have your own food delish mag and I’d freelance for you. D

    Hey thanks for the kind hurricane words, we just got running water tonight.