Tiny Hats

I saw a request for Tiny Hats on the Mason-Dixon knitting blog last week. Apparently, Innocent Drinks, a company in the UK, is asking knitters for 500,000 tiny knitted hats to put on their smoothie bottles. For each be-hatted smoothie that they sell, they and Sainsbury (a grocery chain) will donate 50 pence to Age Concern, an organization that raises money to help senior citizens keep their heat on during the winter. Last year they gave over £200,000 to Age Concern.

Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting wants to be a part of it, and so do I. She’s collecting hats to send in a mass mailing of yarny goodness to the UK. Some of my fellow knit-niters are up for the fun, too.

This is the first hat I made this weekend:


I used Innocent’s pattern but tweaked it (of course) to knit in the round. No seams for me, not even on a 28 stitch 16 row hat. Cute! It took about 20 minutes. I made two more with different motifs, but I can’t take pictures until tomorrow in the daylight.

Good night!

4 responses to “Tiny Hats

  1. How cute! I think the little drink bottle hats are the neatest idea.

  2. So cute a little strawberry! Love it! Maybe I should do some, I have a bunch of little bits of yarn I can’t bear to throw out.

  3. Too cute. I have loads of sock yarn left over from dyeing I can use. Did it take a lot of brain power to turn seams in to seamless? Michele? Can you do all my thinking for me? Maybe I should take up drinking coffee!

  4. I never heard of drink bottle hats, they are so cute.