February Lady: Encore!

The February Lady is done. Really, this time.


Isn’t she lovely? And aren’t her buttons absolutely perfect?


I think so.

Since the last time I finished, I added two lace repeats to each sleeve. They don’t *look* much longer, but now they *feel* like they’re in the right place. I also added three lace repeats to the body. This lengthens the visual line of my torso, and makes me look slimmer. Now the whole thing needs a washing/blocking before I can really wear it, to remove excess dye.

February Lady Sweater, pattern by Pamela Wynne

Dream in Color Classy, color Night Watch, four skeins

Size 8 needles

Modifications to pattern: Added 5 sts to each front to allow for overlap of the button bands. This gave me one extra lace repeat on each front by stealing 2 sts from each button band. Continued raglan increases until there were almost enough sts for XS size, then increased the last 4 sts by kfb over just the back sts. Decreased one st for each lace repeat when I reached ther garter edge of the sleeves.

I have about 50 g of yarn left, and I’m dreaming of coordinating fingerless mitts.

Other fun:


I finally got around to washing my shells from Guana Island. I love the different shapes and textures. There are a lot more; this is what fit in the viewfinder!

12 responses to “February Lady: Encore!

  1. She’s absolutely lovely! The buttons are perfect and the color is so pretty. And, the shells are great…I love collecting shells.

  2. Yes, I suspect it will shed dye for many washings. I’ve been told blue is the hardest color to set. You’ll be fine, as long as you expect it.

    She’s a beauty, that’s for sure!

  3. Great work – it’s absolutely gorgeous! I really want to knit one of these in DIC, and yours is definitely pushing me in that direction.

  4. Gorgeous! And seriously, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect set of buttons.

    Wish I’da thought to add stitches for the button band to overlap. :/

  5. So very lovely! And the buttons really are the perfect shade.

  6. I’m glad you did all the trial and error! Now I can steal your notes if I ever get to this sweater! I was thinking of using louet riverstone that I would dye. The yarn is not superwash but I don’t think that would be a major problem.

  7. I love the sweater, but I knew I would.

    I used to have a zillion shells too (grew up in San Diego) I wonder what ever happened to them all?

  8. Beautiful!! Adding vinegar to the wash should help set the dye. Haven’t done it with yarn but do it for new fabric all the time.

  9. Very pretty – and great buttons!

  10. Wow, it looks beautiful! The buttons are a good match for the yarn color.

    Interesting modification to the button band, I understand adding stitches, but didn’t quite get what you meant about the extra lace lace repeat resulting from this.

  11. I wrote the post at midnight, so who knows what I saying? šŸ˜‰

    But I added 5 stitches to each front, and stole 2 from each 10 st button band, so that made a total of 7 sts extra on the front to incorporate into the gull wing lace. That made the lace section one 7 st motif wider on each front.

  12. dogknitty answered my question – I knew there was something to help set the dye. But it is gorgeous and the buttons merely set off the colors beautifully.

    I was thinking I could use a set of finger-less mittens after hurricane season and that you might like some culinary treats…. Hey, I can always try a bribe! Dee