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Just in the nick of time

I was knitting the Sweetie Pie hat for a Sunday baby shower. It’s been a busy week. Saturday came and the hat wasn’t done. I had work in the morning, a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon, and the wedding reception on Saturday evening. Saturday night found me reading blogs in bed with my laptop, madly knitting i-cord. I was getting to the end of the ball, and I wanted the two i-cords to be the same length, so I knit one with the inside of the ball, and one with the outside. I’d show you a picture of this little trick, but it was 1 a.m. and the lighting wasn’t great. Next time!


So cute! There was a bit of a setback when I was working the heart motif. The last three rows crossed the transition between blue and black, and it offended my sense of order. I ripped it back down to the beginning of the blue, and started the lacy hearts earlier.


The hat is supposed to have bobbles on the top color stripe. I don’t enjoy making bobbles, so I left them off.

The topknot is cute!


When I bought this yarn, I wondered how the transitions between the colors would be handled. It turns out that the colors are just tied to each other, so I cut the knots out and did my own joins and weaving.

I also wondered how that lace motif would fit into the stripe sequence, and as you can see from my comment above, it didn’t! So I changed it to suit my own tastes.

If I were to do this again, I think I would start from the inside of the ball and knit with the pale pink first, which would give me a pale pink picot edge, and a purple stripe with the lacy heart motif. But by the time I thought about this, I was halfway done with the hat, and wasn’t willing to start over. Blue hearts are cute, too.


Sweetie Pie Hat
by Tanis Gray, knit with size 6 Lantern Moon ebony circular needles
Be Sweet Bambino Taffy yarn, 70% organically grown cotton, 30% bamboo

Done in time for the baby shower!

Sweetie Pie

On Tuesday, I remembered that I’m going to a baby shower this Sunday. I dashed into Twisted to get some yarn for an Elsa hat, and while I was there I remembered that I may have designed this hat for baby’s big sister two years ago. Oops. I cast about for a different hat project, and spied this.


It’s a cute skein of Be Sweet Bambino Taffy yarn, and the pattern for the Sweetie Pie hat by Tanis Gray is on the label. What could be simpler?


I like that there are several colors in one little 100 yard ball.


The provisional cast on and picot edge would have been easier if I’d had the right tools with me, but I just took the yarn and needles to cast on at knit nite without reading the instructions. It all worked out, eventually.

Speaking of sweetie pie…


This strawberry icebox pie is a hit around here. I’ve made four in the past two weeks for various events (birthday party, graduation party, knit nite, just because). It’s really easy, absolutely gorgeous, and tastes divine. Most of the berries are uncooked, so the flavor is out-of-this-world fresh. Go ahead; you know you want to make one! I saw this in my local paper, the Oregonian, but it turns out to be from Martha Stewart.

And one more sweetie pie…


I found this picture on my camera. Apparently the Teen likes taking pictures of the cat. Who knew?

Have a great weekend! I’ll show you the hat when it’s done.