Just in the nick of time

I was knitting the Sweetie Pie hat for a Sunday baby shower. It’s been a busy week. Saturday came and the hat wasn’t done. I had work in the morning, a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon, and the wedding reception on Saturday evening. Saturday night found me reading blogs in bed with my laptop, madly knitting i-cord. I was getting to the end of the ball, and I wanted the two i-cords to be the same length, so I knit one with the inside of the ball, and one with the outside. I’d show you a picture of this little trick, but it was 1 a.m. and the lighting wasn’t great. Next time!


So cute! There was a bit of a setback when I was working the heart motif. The last three rows crossed the transition between blue and black, and it offended my sense of order. I ripped it back down to the beginning of the blue, and started the lacy hearts earlier.


The hat is supposed to have bobbles on the top color stripe. I don’t enjoy making bobbles, so I left them off.

The topknot is cute!


When I bought this yarn, I wondered how the transitions between the colors would be handled. It turns out that the colors are just tied to each other, so I cut the knots out and did my own joins and weaving.

I also wondered how that lace motif would fit into the stripe sequence, and as you can see from my comment above, it didn’t! So I changed it to suit my own tastes.

If I were to do this again, I think I would start from the inside of the ball and knit with the pale pink first, which would give me a pale pink picot edge, and a purple stripe with the lacy heart motif. But by the time I thought about this, I was halfway done with the hat, and wasn’t willing to start over. Blue hearts are cute, too.


Sweetie Pie Hat
by Tanis Gray, knit with size 6 Lantern Moon ebony circular needles
Be Sweet Bambino Taffy yarn, 70% organically grown cotton, 30% bamboo

Done in time for the baby shower!

16 responses to “Just in the nick of time

  1. What a gorgeous lace hat it is! The color combo is to die for. Wish I have a girl in the house for me to knit for and play dress-up!

  2. peacefulknitter

    This is such a sweet hat! The yarn looks so lovely, but I don’t love that it’s tied together. I hate yarn knots!

  3. The colors are just tied together? What a disappointment. The hat is precious though!

  4. That hat is super cute, and the colours are too. It is too bad it’s knotted together, but what can you do?

  5. So cute! I just may have to add this to my queue for the many impending babies joining my family. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I let the knots stay. I hope they don’t come undone! (For anyone in PDX, Twisted now has this yarn!)

  7. The yarn knots didn’t bother me too much, only because I decided to think of it as having 5 mini-balls of yarn. It would be so hard to figure out exactly how much each knitter would need for the lace to hit the stripe correctly. This was way better than buying 5 50g balls of yarn for a lot more money; this ball cost $11, and the pattern was on the label. A highly economical little gift!

  8. Adorable.

    Love the little topknot too. 🙂

  9. morewithles

    That is really special. And once again, your color choices inspire me! 🙂

  10. That is such a pretty hat! I like the order of the colours, but I guess if the colours are just knotted together that would mean you could order them any way you wanted.

  11. That is so cute! The hat is a perfect gift. 🙂

    Though I would be a little upset if I got yarn that just tied together for color changes… what a hassle to join them all!

  12. What an adorable little hat! I admire your attention to detail — and your willingness to rip back to change the colors. I’m just happy when I knit something without visible errors!

  13. Love the color combination!

  14. Very cute hat – I like the top of it especially!

    Odd about the yarn just being tied together – not what I expected. Disappointing.

  15. Darling! And I bet it’s wonderfully soft for the baby’s little noggin.