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Knit a purple square

or two, or three…

I’m knitting a few squares for Anne’s Knit A Purple Square project.


These go pretty quickly in worsted weight yarn. The upper left square is the same pattern and yarn as my Checkerboard Scarflet. I measured my scarflet, and it’s 6 inches wide, which meant no refiguring gauge to get a six inch square! The Mitered Square is the same gauge as my garter stitch log cabin blanket; I just counted to find that 27 stitches = 6 inches, so this mitered square starts with double that, or 54 stitches.

The third square, still in progress, is based on Joan Schrouder’s afghan square in XRX’s Great American Afghan. It’s a twirly square! I’m going to rip it out and do it again with fewer rounds of the stockinette/reverse stockinette per stripe, so it can have more stripes within the 6 inches. Instead of 6 rounds, I’ll cut it back to 4 for each stitch pattern. I’ll stop at 5 inches, and add a garter stitch border. It didn’t take long to do (I was standing in line at student/teacher conferences this morning) so it’s an easy re-knit.

How was *your* weekend?

I’ve been thinking about this picture for a week. I didn’t have a camera on my walk last Sunday, and then the rains came. My next chance came yesterday.


I love the way the ghosts of the leaves remain, long after the leaves are gone.


The brown leaves caught in the camellia hedge look bittersweet.

I like these late afternoon walks. The slanting light makes everything look slightly magical. There’s not time for a long walk, but it’s pretty invigorating anyway, because of these:



The neighborhood is built along a ridge, and there are public staircases between some of the hillside lots. Three are close to my house. They’re like secret passages, and they get the heart pumping!

Report card

I finished the back for Hey, Teach last night. I love the way it looks. The yarn is kind of splitty, tinking is a pain, and cotton is tiring to work with. My hands felt stiff when I woke up this morning. But look how pretty!



Yes, it’s sunny this morning, but everything is wet outside, so I’m reduced to chasing the sunny spots on the floor, much like the cat does.

I also finished the blue checkerboard scarflet, and took it over to Twisted to be a shop model. But I forgot to take a picture of it, so it’s not pictured here or on Ravelry. Yet.

I’m going to be knitting some purple squares for Anne’s Knit A Purple Square project. She’s making a purple afghan in honor/memory of her husband, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer last June. The afghan(s) will go either to a local cancer ward, or to raise money for PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network). Can you knit a purple square, too?