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Quincy rocks!

quincy deux

I finished my second Quincy hat (ravelry link) yesterday. This is just the cleverest construction.

quincy deux top

One of the other knitters at knit night (Toni, if you’re keeping score) actually did the garter stitch kitchener join on the moebius strip. I commend her. I thought about doing it. BUT! She also turned the strip so that the join was under the twist of the moebius. Brilliant! I decided then and there that I’d use the three needle bind off again, and hide the slightly irregular join under the twist. Double brilliant! Because it’s hard to be chatty and learn a new technique at the same time, and knit night is all about the chatty. Check this out.

quincy deux seam

Isn’t it cool how the join is just sitting under the twist? I love it. So much that I’m going to take out the crown on the first Quincy hat and scoot that join under the twist, too. I’ve noticed that there’s a little garter bump on the i-cord, right where the join happens, and if it really bothered me, I’d do it differently next time (will there be a next time?). But it doesn’t really bother me, so I’m definitely not going back to re-do the first two!

Details: Quincy hat by Jared Flood
Yarn: Bulky Merino from Knitted Wit in Passionflower colorway
US size 10 needles for band, and size 9 dpns for crown
Mods: 3 needle bind off instead of grafting the ends of the moebius strip, and placing the twist under the twist line instead of opposite the twist

In other news, I just taught a Christmas stocking class at Twisted, using my snowflake Christmas stocking pattern. It was really fun. The group was great, funny and intrepid. They learned to turn a heel, a neater way to make a circular join, knitting in the round, working with two colors, and reading and following a chart. That’s a lot of ground to cover in 3 hours, but they were up for it, and they did great! They’ve promised me pictures of the finished stockings. I’m looking forward to them!

stocking christmas stocking

Knit on!

Quincy is qute

Well, cute, really.

I finished my Quincy hat last week at knit night, and it’s taken almost a week to get some time on a day where there was enough light to get a decent picture!


This hat is absolutely adorable. We passed it around on knit night, and it looks good on everyone. Even me, the one who doesn’t wear hats because they flatten my hair.


Do you wonder why I take so many pictures at the piano? It’s because the black and white are balanced so well, the exposure and colors generally turn out fairly true. But I digress.


You can turn the hat in any direction. Except this one. Because I wimped out at our chatty knit night and used a three needle bind off to join the moebius instead of slogging through a kitchener stitch join. The seam is pretty obvious. I’d like to make another Quincy, and see if I can either finagle a better result with a three needle bind off (right side to wrong side? right side to right side? wrong side to wrong side?), or else just kitchener the darned thing!

Here are the details:

Quincy Hat by Jared Flood
Classic Elite Ariosa (as specified in pattern) 10% cashmere, 90% superfine merino
Size 10 and 9 needles
Mods: just substituting the 3 needle bind off for the kitchener stitch join

I liked working with this yarn. It was a loosely spun single which seemed to want to untwist itself, but it’s so soft, I forgive it. My next one will be in a different yarn, though, because this one was pretty spendy!


Thank you so much for weighing in on my clear Converse shoes. I still haven’t felt compelled to wear them, so I think I’ll be returning them. And I’ve figured out why. They’re not very girly! I don’t find them flattering. And it’s not that I don’t have shoes for showing off my hand knit socks. You saw the Danskos. I also have these:

skechers clear

These are cuter than the Converse. But like the Converse, they’re not that comfortable. So it’s a good thing I have these:

skechers biker

These are Skechers, too; the model name is Biker. They’re really comfortable, and they’re cute! I wear them a lot, but not when it’s raining, because they’re so holey.