I bought these clear Converse All-Stars a couple weeks ago. It’s taken me this long to think about wearing them. Is that a bad sign?


I put them on this morning, and I’m not sure I’m feeling the love.


You don’t see a lot of the sock, since there’s so much going on with the laces. And they’re under jeans, too.


The plastic tongue isn’t the most comfortable thing, either. I’m inclined to return them. I’m pretty happy with my Dansko clogs, which are what I decided to wear today. I bought them at Sock Summit.


What do you think?

36 responses to “Verdict?

  1. I have a pair of the clear Converse, and I love them. The first time I wore them out, I felt the same way about the tongue and the laces. Now, I can’t wait to put them.

  2. I have some clear Skechers, but my feet sweat in them so much that I don’t wear them often. I LOVE the Danskos. That’s the pair I wanted, but didn’t get (only I wanted black).

    Cute socks!

  3. well, you know my vote. 😉

  4. Your Danskos ROCK!!!

    Not too taken by the others, but it’s probably just me.

  5. Sorry Michele….two thumbs down on these

  6. But the socks are great…..esp in the danskos

  7. I have to say that plastic does get sweaty, but I sure love seeing your great socks (and all the colorwork that went into them!) peeking through the shoes and looking like the ‘canvas’! But if they aren’t comfortable, who am I to say keep?

  8. Love the socks. Ditto the Danskos. Still out on the sock show off sneaks.

  9. Definitely the Dankos. Comfort first :^)

  10. Another vote for the Danskos. I’m not too fond of plastic shoes.

  11. Are we voting? Then I’m going for the clogs. I love the idea of the sneakers but I’ve heard so much about how hot they are. The socks look great in either.

  12. The Danskos are pretty! Way out of my budget too.

    If you don’t like the Converse and can’t return, I’m sure they would sell pretty quick.

  13. Are you going to Jared’s book signing next week at Yarn Garden? Is the hat done?

  14. I love my clear Converse – they just needed a little time to soften up. I call them my “Friday Shoes” – & my students know to take a look & check out the hand-knit socks every Friday. My sad story is the converse have finally ripped along the side – so a new pair is in the future for me. But…. Danskos are my all-time fave!

  15. dansko. is there knit night?

  16. The clear Converse just don’t seem to do the socks justice. The clogs look comfy and the pattern is quite nice.

  17. Wow, overwhelming response for the Dansko with good reason! They’re lovely.
    You know, the kids wear the Converse without laces— that would help w/sock visibility and maybe even the ‘heat’ issue, too— certainly a very “anti-establishment” look, if you’re in the mood for that 😉

  18. Clogs–yes! Clear Converse… not so much. I can see the idea behind buying them (to showcase your hand knit socks), but I think they might not be the right solution.

    I love clogs!

  19. i kinda like the clear converses ! I’d wear them, if they were comfortable. And the clogs? I adore them!

  20. Love them both! And the socks ain’t too shabby either!

  21. For what it’s worth, your view of the shoes (from above) probably is the worst angle for seeing the socks. At least from the side there is a peek at something exciting going on with the socks.

    Having said that, if you’re asking you know you won’t wear them. Take them back!

  22. Can NEVER go wrong with Dansko!

  23. Love the clogs! And the converse? I think they look pretty cool actually, especially if they were under jeans – I like how you just get a hint of sock. They’d have to be comfortable though!

  24. I’d definitely go for comfort first, and the Danskos are beautiful!

  25. I bought some clear shoes a few years ago as a way to showcase my knit socks. My sister (also my fashion advisor) thought they were the ugliest things she’d ever seen. Looking back, she was right and they have become my around-the-house shoes. HOWEVER, I happen to think those Converse shoes are totally cool! If you can work through the discomfort, I say keep ’em!

  26. The Danskos are really nice – are they comfy?

    I think that if you aren’t comfortable in the Converse, you should return them – but they are sort of cute!

  27. If you’re gonna wear Danskos please be careful. I guess the docs in the er have seen so many people w/ sprained ankles while they were wearing them that they have dubbed the injury “Dansko ankles”. They are cute though.

  28. I have been DYING for a pair of clear converse! I love ugly/funky shoes. I used to own a pair of lime green plastic garden clogs that mysteriously “disappeared” after the man child did some cleaning. I am still bitter. I love your Danskos, I will simply seeth in quiet jealousy.

  29. I wouldn’t wear the Converse, but I love the Danskos. I just love the clogs.

  30. Hm…the plastic is cute in a novelty kind of way, especially since you can see your socks through it. But that’s about it. I’ve never quite gotten the appeal of see-thru, plastic garments or accessories of any type. Just not my thing. But the socks are lovely, and I do love the clogs! 🙂

  31. Both are stylin footwear, IMHO.

  32. I think the clear converse look GREAT! Not at all too much going on with the socks. My only concern is that you said the plastic tongue isn’t comfortable.

    And those particular socks look fabulous in the sneakers!

    (I found you from KnittingKnoobie’s blog)

  33. Okay, now I want the shoes. Badly. Never mind that converse makes me hurt to THINK about them on my feet. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

  34. Jealous, not just of the gorgeous socks. But that your feet can fit into Danskos! Also love the clear Con’s to showcase your work.

    ‘Tis the season and I’ve taken a couple weeks off guitar lessons and have talked to the lady next door about a knitting lesson so I can make an easy scarf to go with my new winter clothing. Hey, it was 13 degrees this morning!

    Hope you’re doing well and anticipating holidays with the entire family. As soon as my fingers heal from this dry air and cold I’ll start knitting. Or trying to, anyway. Cheers, Dee

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