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Baby Bolero, fini

Once I had a yarn I liked, this project just danced off the needles!

bo fini

bo fini back

All washed, blocked, and ready to pop into the mail.

Baby Bolero from One Skein by Leigh Radford
2 Balls Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton
Size 8 needles, plus a Size 9 circular for the ribbing

Mods: I changed the eyelets on the left side of the motif from k2tog to ssk to emphasize the holes, and I picked up the sleeves at the armholes and knit circularly down to the cuffs to avoid seams. Also, I couldn’t pick up the specified number of stitches for the ribbing trim; I picked up what felt like a reasonable number (a lot, but less than specified). It just needs to be a multiple of 4. I would happily make this sweater again; it’s quick and cute. When I knit it again, I may decrease the sleeves down more so that they’re narrower at the cuff; these are cute, but wide.

A few more FO’s: These are thank you gifts for some of the Day Old Pastries, my singing/guitar/mandolin buds, who helped with music at our women’s retreat a couple weekends ago. Feels like a long time ago, but it’s been busy around here!





Here’s a close-up of the edge. I like it because it’s narrower and lacier than the two stitch edge you usually see.


I’m pairing these with some nice soaps, and away they go.