Ebb and Flow encore

My third Ebb and Flow cowl. It’s my favorite of the three, and it’s everything I dreamed for it to be. I’m so glad I ripped back to put the color changes at the garter ridges. And the yarn blocks out so crisply, it’s an absolute joy. I sewed in the ends this morning so I could wear it today.

Blocking is magic! A reminder of how it looked, just off the needles. Now it’s airy and perfect.

Schmutzerella mini skeins. So much yardage, I could have both the taller cowl neck, and the longer triangle point. There’s yarn left over, because of the color changes at the garter ridges. I love it when a plan works out perfectly!

8 responses to “Ebb and Flow encore

  1. Gorgeous! I love it! Color changes are really lovely.

  2. I can feel how pleased you are – and quite rightly so. What a lovely feeling. Blocking *is* magic, I just used wires for the first time and I can’t stop looking at the straight edges on my pinned out shawl!

    • I now have 3 sets of blocking wires; my first set is getting a bit warped. My second set is a half-length set th

      • Who knew there was so much variety available? I’m actually using welding filler rods, they don’t come in a nice pack and I did have to file off the edges but they were very inexpensive. Now if I find I’m using them a lot, I can consider splashing out on something more fancy 😊

  3. It does indeed look as if you go on and on about blocking for an actual reason, Michele ! [grin]
    It’s gorgeous !!!

  4. It is absolutely beautiful! I really appreciate the idea of going back and trying again. Sometimes that is hard for me, but I am now trying various needle sizes on a project, instead of going with the one that is “okay.” Thank you for that lesson! Kat

  5. That is just gorgeous!! Blocking is definitely magic 🙂 Is the yarn set named after a Nancy Drew mystery? It kind of sounds like one of the series titles!