On and off the needles

Knitting goes a lot faster if you’re not second guessing with every stitch whether you should rip it out. After deciding to make my mini skein color changes at the garter ridges, this was a breeze of a multitasking project. Three bands of the first two colors, two bands of the next three colors, and one band of the last color for the lacy edging. I spent a couple afternoons finishing my Ebb and Flow while reading in the sunny backyard. (Spring has finally sprung!) I’ll be blocking it today.

I’m also playing with this yarn combo. It’s Dream in Color Smooshy in Tip Top Tangerine and Sonoran Magic. Yes, a little more assigned pooling!

Getting the yarn to cooperate for assigned pooling is tricky when you don’t have many stitches on the needles yet. I ripped it out and started again after cutting off about 18” of yarn at the beginning of the orange. Much better. The orange and hot pink are pretty fun together. We’ll see if it fulfills my vision for this piece. Wish me luck!

10 responses to “On and off the needles

  1. Good luck! Ebb and Flow looks so pretty, love the colours

  2. Ho yes ! – I see evidence of the frogging, there .. 😀

  3. Good luck! Can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

  4. Talk to us (all, I mean) about those little netting ‘hold-it-together’ thingies, darlin ..

    • Those net/mesh thingies? They’re called yarn sleeves or yarn bras, and they keep your center pull cake neat and tidy and less likely to collapse on themselves as you knit/crochet. I like tidy!

  5. I haven’t come across them ! – great stuff. Do you buy them from your LYSs ?