Froggity Frog Frog

I was nearing the end of my Ebb and Flow.

That color change in the middle of a section? I tried not to let it bug me. It would be in the part scrunched up by my neck. Leave it alone.

Of course, there was another one further down. But it would probably be in the scrunch, too. (The color differences are much more apparent in real life.)

I decided to change the next color right at the garter ridge, because it would show when worn. That made me realize how much happier that made me. Uh-oh. And then I saw that I could use all six of Schmutzerella’s mini skeins if I ripped back, rather than just five. Hmmmm.

This is how much I ripped out.

And this is all the yarn that’s going in to my Ebb and Flow cowl, including that last green mini skein on the right. (I won’t use every bit of each color, but I’ll use all the colors.)

Things are going along swimmingly. I’ve just started the third color. I knew I that I might regret not ripping every time I looked at my cowl, but I’d never regret having ripped and having my colors change at the garter ridges.

Would you have ripped?

16 responses to “Froggity Frog Frog

  1. Deborah Gudger

    As painful as ripping can be, the color change looks intentional now-good decision! I’ve ripped not one but two sweaters in the last two weeks, so maybe I’m just in a ripping mood!

  2. Shopping Jam

    Maybe I would rip, maybe not, depended upon ‘how’ much it bothered me. In your case I agree the ripped and being reknit version is visually much better – great decision on your part.

  3. I’d have ripped for sure. Color issues are worse for me than knitting errors. Your cowl is going to be very lovely now.

  4. Sheryl Krohne

    Yes, brilliant decision. I don’t rip much, but these colors are so beautiful and changing them at the garter ridge looks much better. And, you will be showing this off at all of your workshops! You are a wonderful knitter, and now it will be just right.🤩

  5. I’m always amused by rip versus not stories. One of my peeps virtually NEVER rips and redoes anything; unless the yarn is stunningly valuable to her she will just give away items she doesn’t like the results of (it’s great to be her friend…). Other friends (myself included) are more of the “make it right so we’ll like it and use it” club.

  6. Yes, I’d have ripped. I already have plenty of regrets from accidental goofs of all kinds. Don’t need to choose to add another one to the pile deliberately!

  7. I truly know how difficult the decision plus the doing of that is (been there). I agree that every time you looked at it – yes – you would see it and it would BUG you! So, I would have done it. I think its a safe bet that you will now be glad every time you look at the new improved finished work! It does take a certain courage to undo all of that!

  8. P.S. It really is such a beautiful pattern: I am queuing this one up!

  9. Every time !!!

  10. At this point in my kntting journey, I would have ripped it out. I could not have lived with it.

  11. Absolutely! If you’re going to make it, you might as well love it!

  12. Probably not, but I fudge things a lot 🙂