Project bag love

I have several of these Double Double project bags from Chicken Boots; they’ve been a constant favorite. I love that you can see what’s in them, which is great if you have multiple projects. When Saremy decided to discontinue making project bags (she now has her Sew Sew Live channel on Instagram and YouTube), I was pretty sad!

But Maria at A Needle Runs Through It is making some, and I snagged this one. (You can find her on Instagram, too). I love this bird-themed fabric. And Maria does such nice sewing. She also included a little triangular stitch keeper pouch (and the fabric is a brioche stitch print!), and a sparkly stitch marker.

I moved my white linen project into this bag; it’s a perfect combination. And Bisquee approves!

How many project bags do you have in current rotation? I have 2 projects going right now, and I’ll have a design project starting this week, too. Oooh, that’s two more projects than I usually have at one time. Go big or go home!

2 responses to “Project bag love

  1. Ha! Not gonna tell you but several are from the late lamented Chicken Boots

  2. OMG, so many project bags! And I just got another one.