Assigned pooling mania

Help! I’ve fallen down the pooling rabbit hole, and I’m not sure when I’m coming up for air. The ideas are flying.

I had so much fun with the yarn for Pooling is a Cinch (publishing tomorrow), I had to play with one more design. This cowl doesn’t have a name yet, but I think it will be out later this month.

Dream in Color has pooling yarns in worsted weight, too! We’ll be using this yarn (choice of colors) for an assigned pooling Zoom class via For Yarn’s Sake in April. I’m working on this pattern right now; it will also be out later this month. I love this stitch, and it’s very adaptable for the length of your colorburst.

If you have an idea for naming either of these, let me know. If I use the name you suggest, I’ll send you a copy of the pattern.

Have any new-to-you techniques caught your fancy lately? Do tell!

7 responses to “Assigned pooling mania

  1. Love these stitches. The unnamed blue bursts look like a side view of asters to me so that’s what I would call it. Asters

  2. Both look like great patterns!

    Glow Burst for the top one
    Fan Flirtation for the bottom one

  3. The top one looks like fireflies, with their trails behind them, so I’d call it Fireflies (or whatever your regional name for them is over there).

    • And Firefly Trails it is! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Let me know your Ravelry ID if you’d like the pattern sent to you there. Otherwise I’ll just email it to you.

  4. I was seeing Butterfly Flight on the first one, ottome one makes me thing of Smoke on the Meadow. But I have to admit, that Glowburst is a pretty good name!

  5. suecraftsalot

    Fireflies and Paper Fans (can you tell I have summer by the pool on my mind)

  6. Burst of Hope for the top one
    Spring for the bottom one