Planning ahead to September

I worked summers at a cannery on Kodiak Island, Alaska to pay for college, way back when. I worked in the egg house, sorting and packing salmon roe to send to Japan.

That’s me, with a handful of salmon roe. I’ve always wanted to re-visit Alaska, without the fish eggs.

Guess who’s going to Alaska? This cruise with Vogue Knitting is going to be spectacular. I’m not sure what I’m teaching yet, but I think brioche and Whale Watch Cap and Cowl would be perfectly appropriate.

We shall see! Come knit with me!

3 responses to “Planning ahead to September

  1. You are doing SO WELL !! – soon you will be out of the normal person’s league entirely, Michele ! I doubt there be many doing more teaching than you .. just make sure to leave time for your creative side, OK ?

  2. Connie Stirey

    What an adventurous woman you were at a very young age! I’ve know others who did that job and I know it was extremely taxing.
    How delightful for you to see Alaska again without the smell, cold, mess and work of your previous visit.
    I love following you. I took your log cabin knitting class back before the pandemic.
    I’ve fished a lot but never been to Alaska.
    I look forward to learning more about all you enjoy on your cruise.