Seafoam Latte Scarf

My lovely book, Brioche Knit Love, celebrated its birthday last month. Now I’ll be making some of the patterns available individually. First: Seafoam Latte Scarf. This was the first piece I designed for the book. In my head, it was called Beachcomber Scarf, before the great theme renaming. Seafoam Latte works!

The Seafoam Latte Scarf is a two color brioche scarf, knit flat. Regular increases and decreases create the rhythmic wave pattern. Syncopating the third wave highlights the crest of the wave. I’m looking forward to using this pattern in brioche classes.

Pattern requires two balls of worsted weight yarn in contrasting colors. Knit to the length you like. Gauge is not critical. I knit mine with 2 balls of Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Surf’s Up and Bare.

The pattern is now available through Ravelry and Payhip; click either of those hyperlinks to purchase.

Knit on!

5 responses to “Seafoam Latte Scarf

  1. Oh don’t do this to me, my small clever friend ! Yesterday – just YESTERDAY – I tried knitting .. and I couldn’t. It hurt my left hand something awful. And I would SO love to make this gorgeous scarf ..

  2. I wrote to you some time ago about my difficulties in reading Brioche Knit Love and you said you would be willing to send me a digital copy when you were able to. Has that time come? Because I do still want to master increases and decreases in brioche knitting.

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    • Hi Leslie:

      Still no digital version, so sorry. I don’t think there’s going to be one. But there are still videos that go with the tutorials; there’s a link on the resource page in the back of the book.

      Cheers, Michele


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