Block printing redux

I’d been promising all year to teach my sister Sharon how to block print tea towels. When she saw my friend Sharyn’s bee block, she was ready to make her own!

So she did. But I also wanted her to have the full experience, from carving her own block, to mixing color, to printing.

She chose to carve a hibiscus blossom, plus a contrasting pistil and stamen.

I chose to carve a more stylized bee, to go with the flower block I made last month.

We ran out of time, so I still need to add my flowers to my bee towels.

But Sharon finished hers!

A fun afternoon, making beautiful and useful objects. Because who couldn’t use more tea towels?

2 responses to “Block printing redux

  1. Outstanding job on the hibiscus and the bee’s pretty good too. Looks like a fun and worthy project. When are you teaching the class?

  2. Very cool! And her tea towel is so cute!!

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