Block Party!

I’ve been printmaking with a group of friends for several years, and our library of blocks keeps getting bigger. It’s really fun to get together to make stuff! This weekend’s retreat included tea towels, aprons, pennant banners, and cards.

Prints from four of the new blocks

My new block this year. It was a last day addition, so I haven’t printed it yet, but someone else did!

I was smitten with these bees. I’m going to carve another bee block to play with.

Into the groove! So much fun to play with color, and to be a bit more multi-craftual. What, no yarn?

We were outside Rhododendron, near Mount Hood. The leaves are beginning to turn.

Still pretty green, though. Happy November!

11 responses to “Block Party!

  1. Oh my that’s so awesome and fabulous all at once. I took a block making class with Marie Greene through knit camp. Had so much fun. Were do you find prints? I tried online but couldn’t come up with any (but I might of not dug hard enough). Love the bee. That goes perfect with the shawl we just did in camp. Not sure if you’re still a camper or not Michelle. Oh on a different side note. I’ve totally gone brioche crazy 🤪. Thanks for your fabulous book. Breathe and knit happily or craft happily 😊

    • My friend Sharyn just carved a new bee block, which is even more amazing than the one I showed. I’m going to borrow it to print with my sister next week!

      When you asked where I find prints, do you mean the blocks to carve, or pre-carved blocks? We’ve been carving our own with rubber blocks (easier than linoleum); you can find materials at Dick Blick which is a great source for art supplies of all kinds. (If you’re local, there are a couple shops in the Portland area, but they’re all over the country, too.)

      I’m still in Knit Camp for now; I signed up because I wanted to do the Fall Retreat! But I’m not very active in Knit Camp.

      Speaking of bees, have you seen my Go Tell the Bees Shawl? If you’re still bee-crazy, consider that one for knitting, too!

      And I’m glad you’re enjoying my book. Another brioche knitter, yay!


  2. Palma Gigliotti

    I love the block printing. What fun.

  3. Do you make the blocks yourselves?

    • Yes, we carve our own blocks. But many of them are based on tracings of photographs, and some are based on patterns from Jen Hewitt’s book, Print, Pattern Sew: Block-Printing Basics + Simple Sewing Projects.


  4. Oh lovely, Michele ! – and how gorgeous is that beautiful stream ?!! Can you replicate the bee in knitting ?

  5. Very cool! You have a neat library of prints – that must be so fun to play with 🙂

  6. Very cool crafting!