Symmetry for Cosette

It’s the little things…

I wore Cosette last weekend at OFFF and it was everything I wanted it to be: pretty, easy to wear (doesn’t fall off), not too warm and not too cool.

But I love symmetry, and it reminded me that I’d be happier if the flowers in the cowl portion centered better with the spine of the shawl-ish part. The spine centers with the bottom point of the shell lace motif, but not the flower lace above.

A little bit of math, and the spine will now center between the “fans” of the shell lace, AND either the flower of the flower lace, or between flowers, depending on which size you’re knitting. No, I’m not going to re-knit mine, but I’m happier knowing that it’s *possible* to be more symmetrical!

I’ve updated the pattern on Ravelry and Payhip; if you’ve purchased this pattern you should be able to download the updated file (and if you bought it on Ravelry, you’ll get an email with that information, too).

6 responses to “Symmetry for Cosette

  1. I can relate to that need for symmetry, Michele ! – and besides, your work is so lovely that it DESERVES it. 🙂

  2. I think the word ‘perfectionist’ applies ..? [grin] And you know they say that perfection is the enemy of good !

  3. Andrea Roosth

    We are all our own worse critics….think of this, you get to make another one in another pretty color! It just turned cold enough here today to wear knits!