Blueberries galore

The 25 year old blueberry bush is in overdrive this year. I’m picking, picking, picking. Two gallons so far, and there’s more. We have some raspberries, too.

So far I’ve baked a blueberry cobbler for a friend recovering from knee surgery, a blueberry cream pie for tonight’s happy hour gathering, and I’m planning to bake galettes tomorrow. DH won’t have the cobbler or pie (can’t present those with a chunk cut out!), so the galette is for him. Recipe posts are hyperlinked, in case you need to make these, too.

11 responses to “Blueberries galore

  1. Wendy Fletcher

    I will be right over. There is nothing better than fresh picked blueberries. And cobbler? One of my favs. I will bring the coffee!

    • The cobbler is gone, a gift to a friend. The pie is going out tonight, too. Poor DH, he’s only had blueberry pancakes…

      There are a lot more blueberries, and more recipes too. Come on down!


  2. You multi-talented woman ! – how dare you be so clever ?!!! 😀

  3. Shopping Jam

    No Cobbler Recipe shown on the link page. Would appreciate a correction to that – thanks

    • Sorry about that! Fixed on the post, and here’s the link for cobbler:


      • Shopping Jam

        Thank you Michele -Knew you always respond to questions so felt I could ask and expect to hear back. I had seen a video for a Blueberry Buckle, without a recipe, right before reading your post yesterday and went on a search for arecipe. When yours popped into my inbox, it was perfect timing and I added extra blueberries onto my food shopping list (our bushes only yielded a few berries, nabbed by the birds before they ripened.) Blueberry Muffins are hubby’s fav but obviously the cobbler is a bit easier to make. Many thanks!! ~J

      • You’re very welcome! As far as blueberry muffins go, Smitten Kitchen’s perfect blueberry muffins are my favorite.


  4. Meredith Coelho


  5. Palma Gigliotti

    So beautiful. I love following your knitting and food recipes.

  6. MMMM! Picking fresh berries and fruit (and then eating them) is one of the best things about summer 🙂

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