Done and undone

I finished my assigned pooling hat with the sunbursts/flowers. It’s cute! I tried it on, and it’s a little snug on me. It measures 17” around; those sunbursts do pull in the fabric a bit. The hat in the above picture isn’t blocked; blocking will make the sunbursts prettier.

Calvin’s already good-looking enough!

I haven’t blocked the hat yet because I also want to knit a hat using this criss cross stitch I used in my Criss Cross accessories and Tilt Shift Wrap. I needed to know if I have enough yarn to do that.

Now that I’ve started, I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough yarn to knit both, and I think I’m more likely to wear the criss cross stitch, so I’m frogging the sunburst hat while I knit the criss cross version.

I don’t mind re-knitting; the yarn is ridiculously entertaining. I’ll knit a sunburst headband with the yarn that’s left from the skein. It’s been fun figuring out how big (how many wraps, how many stitches) I need to make the sunbursts and criss crosses look their best. This will vary depending on your yarn! I’m teaching this very fun class at Knit Maine in September. We’ll be using this exact same yarn in class; it’s Wonderful Worsted from Yarn Snob yarns in Cabana Boy.

The winner of 3 months of Knit Camp from Olive Knits is…Quite a Yarn Blog! I’ll contact you for info to connect you with Knit Camp. Congratulations!

And finally…

(Project bag from NerdBirdMakery).

Who ever thought we’d be set back by 50 years? Outrageous. Women’s rights are human rights. Dissent. Protest. Effect change. Let your voice be heard.

8 responses to “Done and undone

  1. Meredith Coelho

    Thank you for sharing your process and for standing up for women’s rights publicly.

  2. Kandy McConnico

    Love this Michele! So fun! Wish I was a knitter on this road trip! Too many things to see and do for now. Take care, Kandy

  3. Thank you for this post! It is diffivcult to put the time into a project only to unravel it at the end. I always consider whether it can be “saved” but sometimes…. what you are properly naming “re-knitting” I console myself is “recycling” beautiful yarn so that I might enjoy it again! Thank you again!

    • I just get to enjoy the yarn all over again! I could have bought another skein and had both hats, but I didn’t want to wait a week…I’m not a patient person!


  4. Love the yarn! So cheerful – we need that these days!

  5. A beautiful quote from a beautiful person. The hats are nice, too!

  6. That yarn with those patterns is so cheerful- will look great in the cold weather!
    Seriously, thank you for standing up for women being autonomous humans with all rights and privileges. Hard to believe how ugly 2022 has become.

  7. Wow! Thank you!! I am so looking forward to trying out Knit Camp!
    I love both your hats – both stitch patterns looks great with this yarn 🙂