Beads in knitting and pink spring!

Whoa, 21 days since my last post? Inconceivable! I’ve been knitting up a storm, and paring down a to-do list that grew to anxiety-provoking length. It’s better now. On the to-do list were three video tutorials for the project on the needles. No, the project isn’t hard. But sometimes having an extra visual can make things more clear.

Adding beads to your knitting

One of the videos shows how to add beads to your knitting using the crochet hook method, and also using a BeadAid, which is my favorite beading tool. You can click the link above to watch it.

The video also features my bead tin setup. I hope you enjoy it!

Looking south to the Burnside Bridge

This past week the cherry blossoms have come into their full glory down at the Willamette River waterfront. This is the river that goes through the center of Portland.

Looking north to the Steel Bridge

Gorgeous! I went for a walk with friends last Thursday.

And then DH and I rode our bikes down there on Sunday. It’s a nice 10 mile loop from our house.

The magnolia trees are in full bloom, too.

Camellia Wrap

My favorite camellia hedge is also blooming, even more than in this updated Camellia Wrap picture from 3 weeks ago. It’s definitely Think Pink season around here.

It looks like we’re in for a rainy weekend. Perfect timing. I’ll be teaching two zoom classes this weekend: Deep End Brioche Increases and Decreases on Saturday and Sheepy Steeky Coasters on Sunday. It’s not too late to sign up for either one, but the steeks class has homework so you’d definitely need to address that now.

Happy spring! Or fall, depending where you live. Happy change of seasons, anyway…

6 responses to “Beads in knitting and pink spring!

  1. I do like that beading tool, Michelle ! – but I like your bead tin organization even more. What a practical small person you are, as well as being mighty clever !!! 😀

    • I’m always trying to make things as portable as possible!

      Not only do I like the BeadAid better than the crochet hook method (no splitting the stitches), the BeadAid fits inside the tin, and the crochet hook does not! Reasons.

      Even if my beads come on strings, or in a long tube, I’ll transfer them to the small tube so they fit in the tin.

      > >

  2. And why I spelled your name wrong is understood only by those horrid little invisies who live under the stairs and exist only to trip people up ..

  3. That Bead Aid is so cool! Thanks for introducing it to me. And thanks for the lovely blooming pictures.

  4. Thanks for sharing your cherry blossom and magnolia pictures! Spring is really springing there 🙂 We are warming up somewhat – mostly 40s in the day, but still a lot of snow around.