Stranded colorwork redux

2 color corrugated ribbing, let’s go!

I’m knitting Da Crofter’s Kep, a free pattern from Shetland Wool Week. The pattern uses 6 colors, but only two colors per row, which is standard for stranded colorwork. I’m terrible at putting colors together, but Anne at For Yarn’s Sake has my back, with color kits of Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift yarn, based on the color sets in the pattern.

Mine is a sample for a stranded colorwork class I’ll be teaching via Zoom for For Yarn’s Sake. We’re using the hat as a jumping off point to get us started with stranded colorwork. If you’re looking to learn this fun technique, with lots of tips on managing your yarn and avoiding the dreaded puckering, this class is for you!

The gauge for this hat is the same as for Katie’s Kep, last year’s Shetland Wool Week pattern, and the stitch count is the same. I’m using the same kind of yarn, which gives me a head start on knowing how big my hat will be; my previous hat is a big gauge swatch! It’s always good to keep notes about your yarn and needles; you never know when that information might come in handy. Present me thanks past me.

My class is on Sunday, February 6. Come knit with me!

If you’re already a pro with stranded colorwork, you may just love knitting this pattern, too. Click on the link above to download the free pattern. It’s only free until they announce the next year’s pattern, so don’t wait too long.

4 responses to “Stranded colorwork redux

  1. Nice! I just got in some yarn to make the girls colourwork hats for Christmas!