Blocking day

I gave a talk for the Windy City Knitters Guild the other night (brioche, and a little quick start project), so I had to wait to block my new wrap. I didn’t want to have this lying on the floor behind me. I like to pretend my studio is all tidy when I’m on Zoom. Don’t look to the right or left! Also, if you’re interested in having me speak for your guild, let me know.

I may have been suckered while knitting the wrap. It felt much smaller than the previous one while I was knitting, so I decided to knit as long as the yarn held out. But it relaxed when I soaked it and laid it out. I know, it’s superwash, so it will bounce back a lot as it dries since I’m not pinning it to hold a shape. We’ll see what the final numbers are. Keeping careful records to note in the new pattern.

I blocked the slip striped socks, too. Just because I’m not publishing a pattern for them, doesn’t mean I can’t use them! They’re warm and lovely. I just didn’t think they were zen enough to justify the pattern.

I’m dreaming of my next design project, but it hasn’t settled into itself yet. Lots of ideas floating around in my head, but the path isn’t clear yet. We shall see!

11 responses to “Blocking day

  1. Okay, for your non-knitting friend, How do you knit until your yarn runs out with that wrap? It’s the same on both ends.

    • With math! The center block is knit first. Then you work out in one direction, and figure out how much yarn it takes to make a set of colored logs. My yarn/kitchen scale is my best tool. Each set of logs takes about 15 grams of yarn, so then I just figure out how many I can do, keeping in mind that the other end has to match.

      > >

  2. I looks great. The one I made was a gift for my Mom and she loves it!

    • I loved yours, too! In this version, I’m specifying that the logs are matched colors, and ditching the garden path lace. I love the flowers, and that’s enough complexity for me.

      Glad your mom loves her wrap!

      > >

  3. After everything done recently for The Book, I’m amazed you can actually THINK, let alone think of more knitting, 😀

  4. Your projects look great, as always 🙂