Slip-sliding away

Oh, look! I’m knitting something that’s *not* brioche!

This is my slip stitch sampler cowl. I’m teaching a class for a virtual retreat for Craftsy/The Knitting Circle, November 30 – December 2. Slip stitch knitting is a great way to do colorwork, using just one color per row/round. No yarn juggling! I’m also teaching a session on sock knitting, using a mini-sock to go through all the steps for a cuff down sock. The sock features a slip stitch pattern on the leg.

It’s perfect for holding a tiny trinket, or as an ornament.

I’m teaching with Corrina Ferguson, and Jen Lucas is our host. Corrina is teaching some shawl and edging magic. You can find more details here. The price is currently super low; you’d pay this much for the patterns alone. And if the dates don’t work for you, you also have access to the videos for 60 days after the event.

We’ll be teaching from the Craftsy studios, which will be a new experience for me. I made some videos for The Knitting Circle from my home studio during the 2020 lockdown, but I’ve never been to their studios before. While I’m there, I’ll be doing a fun little steeking project for them, too. I’m working out the details, which I’ll let you know soon.

Pattern play!

I’m also designing a slip stitch bed sock, which isn’t part of the retreat. I think it’s going to just be stripes, because I love how the stitch pattern pops. It’s been fun playing with my options.

Have you played with slip stitch knitting before?

6 responses to “Slip-sliding away

  1. I am playing with slip stitches as we speak! I am knitting the MKAL by Stephen West. Slip stitch-a-palooza!

  2. You amaze me, Michele ! – I had NO IDEA that slip stitching could be .. well, sort of like mosaic knitting ! This is fascinating ..

    • They’re the same, really! I just think of “mosaic knitting” as represented by Barbara Walker’s mosaic knitting stitch patterns, which I associate with as more geometric in garter stitch. I know she used both garter and stockinette, though.

      I really like using purls for the patterning on a background of stockinette, to make the patterning jump out texturally. And sometimes carrying the “float” on the front of the work, either as a horizontal stripe, or dipped under and picked up, as in quilted lattice stitch. So many ways to play!

      > >

  3. Very cool project for teaching slip stitch 🙂 Also, congratulations on your new Craftsy class!