Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat in February

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an in-person event. I have really missed that energy! Now it’s time to plan, hoping that the pandemic will have calmed, but keeping health and safety in mind.

Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat is scheduled for February 17-20 in Tacoma, Washington. This will be the second year of this show; the first was in 2020, and 2021 was canceled. The first one was fabulous, and I have no doubt that 2022 will be equally great. Covid policies are in place, but they may change as conditions change. Your safety is Red Alder’s priority.

Classes are listed on the website now, as well as registration information. Registration begins November 6 at 4 pm Pacific time.

I’m teaching four classes:

Brioche Pastiche, which is a quick start to 2 color brioche in the round, and increases and decreases

Syncopation, 2 color syncopated brioche knit flat

Minerva Entrelac Cowl, learn to knit entrelac, flat

Designing with Favorite Shawl Shapes. This class sets you free to dream up your own shawls.

Just being swift for Mary Scott, Red Alder 2020

I’m pretty excited to think about actually going places next year. May it be so!

8 responses to “Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat in February

  1. Deborah Gudger

    Oh, now I really want to go! I’ve registered to go to Stitches West in March…haven’t been since 2014…I wonder if my husband will notice if I squeeze in another fiber event…

  2. Marla Shoemaker

    Oh no…. I was actually considering going to this retreat for the first time-because I thought it was in St. Louis! That’s only a 6 hour drive! It was doable! I didn’t realize it was in Tacoma. 🙁. While I love Washington, flying would add an extra expense that puts it out of reach. That was a short-lived dream. 🤷‍♀️ Oh well. Thanks for reining me in before I got any more excited about going. I enjoy your emails!

    Marla Shoemaker Manhattan, KS

    • I know John and Becky are from the St. Louis area, so I can see how you might have thought that! I once got excited about a Portland event, but it was in Portland, Maine. Nope.

      That’s why I’m glad we’ve had so many online events spring up. It’s good to have a choice, and I think we’ll still have online choices, even after the pandemic is in the rear view mirror. Online events are accessible to more people, which is great. And if the choice is travel money or yarn money, that’s something to consider, too. I am happy to be able to participate both in person and on Zoom!

      > >


        Hey – thanks for responding 😃 I agree that the Zoom thing has been incredibly helpful and I’m all for using unused travel money on yarn and tools!!! I’m looking forward to an in – person conference outside of Wichita in a couple weeks (with lots of precautions) and maybe one of these years the Red Alder conference will be close enough for me to attend, too! All the teachers there are impressive! Hope you have a great time!

  3. I simply love that photo of you wearing the adorable cap, with your lovely shining hair falling over your face, Michele ! And you as a swift is beautiful, too: Mary looks very happy with your service. 😀 I know you will derive enormous pleasure from your teaching – as do all your students.

  4. Sheryl Krohne

    Yay! Can’t wait to see you at Red Alder. Hope to have a class with you!!