Playing with slipped stitches

I know we use the heel stitch to make the heel of socks a bit thicker; slipping every other stitch gives us a double layer of yarn over the heel. So for a bed sock, why not used slipped stitches to make the whole thing doubly thick and cozy?

I finished one, almost. I won’t commit to grafting that toe until I’m done playing with my stitch patterns! I have a Dotty slip stitch pattern on the leg of the sock, but I didn’t want that underfoot. Even though this is intended to be a bed sock (worsted weight, warm), I didn’t want those bumps on the sole. At first I tried using the double stitch stripe on the whole foot, but it was hard for me to carry the floats loosely. I put them just on the sole.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. As you can see, now I’m trying the stripes on the leg first, to see if I can keep things loose enough there. If yes, then I can do it on the foot, too. I kind of love the idea of vertical stripes on leg and foot, and a band of horizontal stripes across the gusset shaping. (Partly because working the decreases into the vertical stripe pattern seemed like a pain in the…foot? But I’ll think about it again when I get there on the second sock.) Also, I want the purple foot stripe to begin right after a purple gusset stripe, and end right before the purple toe. I don’t like the purple bar floating against the orange background. See how nice it looks snugged up to the ribbing on the second sock?

Do I want to explain all of this in a pattern, or just make these for myself for fun? It would be a quick gift knit.

I love these colors. Malabrigo Rios, in Lavanda (purple) and Archangel. It feels like fall to me. And I’m sitting here in the backyard, making the most of a gloriously sunny day. Rain tomorrow!

10 responses to “Playing with slipped stitches

  1. I would love a pattern. They look snuggly and warm.
    Great gift giving!

  2. I agree with Terri: if I could knit still – and especially if I could knit socks ! – I would make dozens of pairs for gifts .. you couldn’t go wrong ! 🙂

    • You’ll note that these are worsted weight socks, which means big yarn and big needles! I’m not a fussy small needle sock knitter. Not enough patience for that!

      > >

  3. Sherry Bullard

    Those are beautiful colors and the pattern shows them off so well.

  4. They are coming out beautiful no matter how you end up choosing to do the final pattern. You are so very creative. I love it when you give us a peek into your process of deciding what looks good, but what might look better!

  5. TWO patterns – or one with options; I LOVE options!
    I like the dots, but like the stripes too (I don’t usually).
    I wear some kind of sock to bed almost year ‘round – Reynaud’s Syndrome = cold feet, fingers, nose – almost regardless the weather.

    • The dots are nice, but I *love* how graphic the stripes are. But the transitions between the leg/instep/foot are different for the dots vs. the stripes, because of how I want them to look. That’s a lot of explaining if they’re both in the same pattern. Still thinking about it. Maybe I can make it work!

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