Classes: Get ‘em while you can!

I have a couple big projects to work on this summer, so I’m cutting back on my teaching schedule. If you’re itching to take one of these classes, do it now!

Petite Brioche at Virtual Vogue Knitting Live: There’s still room in my Petite Brioche class on Saturday, May 15. If brioche is on your bucket list, Petite Brioche is a great place to start.

Darn It! Mending Your Knits: Tuesday May 18 via Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop, and Saturday May 22 via Twisted Yarn Shop. Weekday or weekend, I’ve got you covered!

Advanced Tink Drop Frog (Lace Edition): Sunday May 23 via For Yarn’s Sake.

Brioche Doctor: Fixing Brioche Mistakes: Tuesday, June 22 via Bazaar Girls (link coming May 20 or so).

I’m taking a chunk of time to work on a big project, and I’m looking forward to telling you about it, once I get some final details ironed out.

And summer’s coming; we want to get outside! I’ve had both my Covid vaccinations, and I’m starting to see friends and family in real life. I had a road trip with friends up the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River last weekend. We had a year’s worth of stuff to catch up on.

Mt. Adams
A big winding oops (it all worked out)
Stirrings by Ann Fleming

I saw this bronze at Gallery 301 in Hood River, and I’m in love. She’s so serene, and she knows that kitchen magic. I’m not sure where she would go in my house, though.

Looking west from Hood River

We drove home on the Old Historic Columbia River Highway (it’s been closed due to landslides, but it’s open again).

Horsetail Falls, right off the highway

I used to bring the kids out here to play in the splash pool on hot summer days, before we had air conditioning in the house. It’s also the trailhead for a favorite hike.

Horsetail Falls splash pool
Vista House on Crown Point

Vista House is currently closed to visitors, but the views are still inspiring.

Looking east toward Beacon Rock from Crown Point on the Columbia River
Salmon and scallop poke, and favorite bubbles!

And I was home in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family. The kids came over and made 2 kinds of poke, and we made pineapple fried rice to go with it. (Tossing the pre-cooked rice with fish sauce before it goes into the wok makes it so good.) It was great to be back in the kitchen with them, after a long year of distancing. A perfect cap to the weekend.

8 responses to “Classes: Get ‘em while you can!

  1. Kathryn Gearheard

    You showed the Gorge trip perfectly. It’s one of may favorites. Just before pandemic began I took a friend from Rwanda on the old highway and to Mt. Hood. His amazement made it even better.(he had taken me to Lake Kivu a few months before where I was amazed.).

    Now about the pineapple rice…sounds so good but I need a recipe, please…

    Can’t wait to hear about your big summer projects hoping they are knitting ones…

    • Here’s the jumping off point for the rice:

      I’m out of propane, so I just seared the pineapple on the stove.

      I added Chinese sausage (3, I let them steam on top of the rice in the rice cooker after the rice is done, 15 mins) They’re fatty enough that I don’t add the oil to the rice like they do in the recipe. Just slice them, and start them with the onion before adding rice to the pan. I added some sweet onion I added 3 eggs, scrambled separately (I like them ribbon like, not all scrambley)

      You know I can’t make a recipe as written, just like I can’t knit a pattern as written!

      Project news coming soon, I hope.

      > >

  2. That sounds like just a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  3. Also interested to hear about these projects!

  4. Love the ‘winding oops’. 🙂
    Love the photos !!
    Love that the mending class took off !
    Love that you remain a core part of teaching knitting, small but Clever One !

  5. Dreamy photos. Except for the yarn winding kerfuffle-that gave me angst. Otherwise, all good. I am craving your poke and it is only 10am. Darn you!

    • Mmmmmmm, poke!

      I took the yarn kerfuffle picture, assuming I would just weigh the yarn, subtract it from the total, and continue on my merry way. Thank goodness for Vickie untangling it!

      > >

      • I have a very strange amount of patience for what my friends and I call ‘yarn barf’. I once spent days untangling a ball of lace weight bamboo yarn. DAYS!