Introducing: Cherry Blossom Wrapture

Cherry blossoms on my mind! This log cabin themed shawl is a generous 17” deep by 98” wide. You don’t have to knit yours to be that wide, but I LOVE how big this is.

This wrap starts at the center with a leafy square, knit in the round. A log cabin knitting-style frame is added, flat, and then the ends are worked out from each half of the square. I knit mine in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn, 2 skeins of Ticklish (white with speckle), and a skein each of Cherry Blossom and Fresh Cut.

It’s so lovely to wrap yourself up in!

This pattern is available through my Ravelry shop here, and through my Payhip shop here. Use coupon code BLOOM for 15% through April 23, 2021 on either site. Newsletter subscribers, check your inbox for your special offer.

Love that center square!

Thanks to tech editor Meaghan Schmaltz, model Sharon Hsu, and test knitters Ann Berg, Jacqueline Lydston, Nan Palmer, and Sylvie Bedard.

6 responses to “Introducing: Cherry Blossom Wrapture

  1. I’m very interested to watch your Magic Knot video. I avoid knots as much as possible but it never hurts to have an invisible knot in your “tool kit”. Thanks!

  2. That is so pretty! Everything screams SPRING! You are so talented. Let’s Go Mets!

  3. teresajames999

    Brilliant pattern, and the name is perfect! The colours remind me of our spring here in Vancouver, BC – lots of cherry blossoms and green shoots now!

  4. Very clever, the ‘wrapture’, Michele ! And very beautiful the wrap !!
    I never cease to be astounded at the creativity and inventiveness of the craft designer (there are some rippers who crochet, too).
    Yes the centre square is lovely; but I am in love with the chevrons going each way ..
    You’re pretty darn clever, you know. [grin]

  5. Love this! Very springy and lovely 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I think I’ll make this for my Mom for her birthday!