Half the Knit Sky, encore

The Rose City Yarn Crawl is coming up next month, and I’m having a trunk show at For Yarn’s Sake! The crawl is virtual this year. You can visit the shops in person, but it’s not required for the crawl. I’m sending over my Half the Knit Sky knit with Huckleberry Knits gradient and MadTosh Twist Light. There *will* be kits, in two colorways. The gradient on this one is Practical Tactical Brilliance, and the other will be Made You Blush, an exclusive for For Yarn’s Sake.

I knit this last year for my KAL, and stopped short of the acid green at the end because I had already added 24 rows to the original pattern. Last weekend I decided to take the edging off and use more of the gradient, so I did! I ripped back all the way through the flying arrows, so I could add a third repeat of that last section of star trails. I then replaced the flying arrows, and finished again. I had 1.3 g of gradient left, yay for yarn scale and not yarn chicken!

Adding this many rows put me just past where I’d need another increase row based on the pi shawl formula, so I was counting on the flexibility of knitting to make it work because I didn’t want an increase so close to the edge. Also, no more yarn! I used a Russian bind off for the refinished edge, because I knew it was going to be quite a stretch blocking the edge out.

Finished size: 60” x 30” pinned out, and it bounced back to 60” x 28” deep when I took it off the wires. It is larger partly from the added knitting, and partly because the first time I blocked it, I did it outdoors on a hot September day, and it was drying very quickly while I was pinning. Now we’re in winter, and I blocked it in my studio. It is the loveliest, airiest thing. Yay!

Before and after. I’m really happy with it!

The Rose City Yarn Crawl is March 4-14; check out their website here.

15 responses to “Half the Knit Sky, encore

  1. Is that a contemporary picture of Calvin ?

    I’m at a loss at the the improvement of the second over the first, even though you detail it. Both seem gorgeous to me. !

  2. I love the original shawl, but seeing the modifications has me swooning!

    • I love it, too!

      It’s funny how the dark green doesn’t really show up as much, now that it has star trails interspersed with it. But that acid green pop…WOW.

      > >

  3. Deborah Gudger

    Hi Michele-the addition of more gradient was (brave and) brilliant!
    It balances the top of the shawl perfectly. This is a stunning pattern!
    I hope you and your family are doing well-I’m feeling much more hopeful now-hope you are too!

    • Last September I wasn’t sure I loved the acid green, and the shawl seemed big enough without it, so I skipped it! It was my third time knitting this design, and I was ready to be done. But last week I decided it really did need to be bigger, and it would be good to use the rest of the gradient ball. I love what that acid green pop does for it!

      We’re doing well here. Waiting for vaccine. But I’m super busy working and teaching from home, so I’m just waiting my turn…Spring and hope are in the air!

      > >

  4. The new bigger version is so pretty!

  5. Really gorgeous!