Dreyma is dreamy!

DH’s Dreyma is as dreamy as its name, and perfect on a snow day!

This yoke is so fabulous. And the built up neckline is much better than where the ribbed neckline ended before. Most of whatever T shirt DH wears underneath is covered, which is way better aesthetically.

I gave the body of the sweater a pretty relaxed fit, just like his other favorite sweaters. He’s been wearing this constantly over this snowy weekend!

We don’t get much snow in Portland, so we make the most of it when we do! One or two snowfalls per winter. And then usually freezing rain on top. But on Saturday it was still fresh and perfect. I brought out my nearly 40 year old ski equipment, and toured the neighborhood instead of using the basement treadmill. Of course I wore my ancient Pippi Hat. I really need new boots, which means new bindings, too; these are very old school.

DH’s ski boots are no longer with us, so we walked, too.

The neighborhood was full of joy. So many smiles after being locked down.

The neighborhood sledding street, busy as always.

And the witch hazel is in bloom.

This is not the only unicorn I saw. The best was a XC skier in a unicorn onesie, complete with a rainbow tail!

How’s your weather? And what am I knitting next? There’s a new design idea on the needles, and a revamp of a previous one. Two projects is probably my limit!

10 responses to “Dreyma is dreamy!

  1. Michele, that jumper looks SUPER on him ! – the rolled neckline is so much better ! Talk about your inspiration, my little mate ..
    Mind you, it wouldn’t’ve looked so great without that yoke’s being so perfect.
    I do hope DH realizes that you’re not just an ordinary knitter ..
    A congratulatory hug from sweaty Downunder (love the witchhazel !).

    • Thank you; he loves the sweater! Bisquee did get her claw caught in the colorwork, but I fixed it. No more snoozing on the sofa with CatDad while he’s wearing that!

      And I can’t wait to borrow it and wear it as a tunic.

      > >

  2. DH’s sweater turned out just great! Looks like you guys had a lovely day out in the snow 🙂

  3. Fantastic sweater. I love the collar – good cover, but not constricting!

    You’d be having a blast here. We got 10 inches over the weekend, and another 15 overnight last night. With more to come.
    Love the pic of everyone coming out to play. Snow can be so magical!

    I have to do some research on witch hazel… I wonder how it would do here. I’m always looking for “early bloomers”

    • Thank you! I bought the yarn online in December, and I thought the MC would be a slightly deeper chocolate. The whole time I was knitting it, I was afraid it would have a 1970s vibe. No worries; we love it! And then suddenly there were the Bernie Mittens everywhere in January, which is *not* what I intended.

      You may have more snow than I need! I like enough for a pretty covering and a little neighborhood skiing, and then it needs to go away in 3 days. We had ice on top of this, but otherwise it was about right.

      The witch hazel tree was down the street; I wonder what it looks like the rest of the year? We had a flowering plum tree which was spectacular for 2 weeks in February, and then it had these dull red leaves the rest of the year until they dropped; it wasn’t particularly good looking.

      > >

  4. Oh, his sweater looks fantastic! Just in time for snow. We are working remotely from home today due to about a half inch of ice. Thursday and Friday looks to be snowy as well.

    • DH really loves it; I’m so happy it fits well.

      Our snow is melting (and more importantly, the ice is melting), but it’s still sweater weather. DH and I both work from home, so the weather is only important if we want to go play in it, or if it cuts off electricity! So many people without power right now due to fallen tree limbs on powerlines.

      > >

  5. knotfancyknitter

    Wow- that sweater looks amazing. We are completely snowed in here in Chicago. I am definitely glad to be a knitter. It just makes us look prepared, right? Nice job!

    • Thanks, we love it! I can’t wait to sneak it away to wear as a tunic, too. I’m so happy to have cozy knits to wear this week; I snuck another of DH’s sweaters yesterday. I think he even forgot it’s in the closet; I knit it in 2007!

      > >