The Bridgerton Knitting Incentive

Well, I didn’t finish DH’s sweater in time for his birthday yesterday; I got sidetracked by that new smaller leafed Leafy Origami Cowl. I decided to set the cowl down and do some mad knitting on the sweater.

Four episodes of Bridgerton later, it was long enough to consider hem options. DH doesn’t want patterning at the hem, just ribbing, so I had a bit more knitting to do. No problem. (For those who know that I was saving Bridgerton as treadmill incentive, I decided getting this sweater done was more important. I’ll pick a new incentive.)

The hem is just 1×1 ribbing, and I’m using Patty Lyons’ “What the Flip” method of transitioning into the ribbing so that the hem doesn’t flip up where the stockinette meets the ribbing. Basically, on the first round of rib, slip the knit stitches (purlwise with yarn in back), purl the purl stitches, and then work k1p1 ribbing on subsequent rounds. Easy enough! I don’t know that this hem was going to flip, but why not just avoid the whole issue?

The hem should be done tonight, and then I’m headed for Sleeve Island.

Even without his new sweater, we had a good day. We went to Mt. Tabor for a walk/hike to the top of this extinct volcanic cinder cone. Volcano in the city!

There are several city water reservoirs on Mt.Tabor that will eventually be decommissioned in favor of new covered reservoirs, but these are so pretty.

The kids made lasagna Bolognese from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Food Lab book, and it was fabulous. Lots of interesting ingredients including anchovies and fish sauce for perfect umami flavor.

I made a pear tart and bourbon caramel sauce for dessert, both old favorite recipes. All was traded back and forth on the porch, since we’re still distancing. Looking forward to a Covid-19 vaccination someday soon.

7 responses to “The Bridgerton Knitting Incentive

  1. Thanks for the hem info as that often happens to me

  2. So many lovelies! I wish I knew about the ribbing technique before I cast on one of my current project. ::sigh:: I’ll bookmark it for later, FOR SURE! Mt. Tabor looks beautiful. As for your pear tart? It looks divine, but I would be happy with just bourbon!

  3. That sweater is looking great, and thank you for the hem procedure info! That does happen to me sometimes, and it’s good to know how to avoid it! Also thanks for sharing your walk and supper – all look beautiful 🙂

  4. Do you have this pattern for a cowl? I love it!!! But I don’t want a sweater!

    • The pattern is a sweater pattern called Dreyma, by Jennifer Steingass. It’s lovely! You’d have to figure out how to adapt the colorwork pattern to a cowl, though.

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