New class: Brioche Doctor! Fixing Brioche Mistakes

We love knitting brioche. But sometimes things happen. I’m launching a new Zoom class, Brioche Doctor: Fixing Mistakes in Brioche. We’ll go from finding simple missed yarn overs all the way through frogging and getting back on the needles. Class will be on Saturday, February 13, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, Pacific time. Registration is through Twisted Yarn Shop.

We’ll be working with a flat 2 color brioche swatch, but even if you’ve only ever done brioche in the round, this should be pretty accessible for you. I love new classes, and I think this one will be lots of fun. Come tink, drop, and frog with me!

3 responses to “New class: Brioche Doctor! Fixing Brioche Mistakes

  1. That will be both terrific and booked out !
    Afraid my move to a place more expensive than I can really afford means no more thing like classes. 😦
    I’m battling to even work out how much to put aside: my landlord wants the rent paid calendar monthly, which I’ve never had to do before: I always paid every fortnight, the day after pension day – too easy ! Looks like life wasn’t meant to be simple. Sighh ..

  2. Sorry I can’t do this class,  do to conflict! Hope you have another at a later date. I loved Syncopation Shawl!Deb Samuels Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.

  3. Too bad it’s Saturday, the sabbath or I’d love to do it