To the frog pond, happily

I knit the hat on the left, while developing the hat on the right (pattern next week; I just need pictures). The first hat wasn’t what I wanted, so I frogged the crown and re-finished it as a cowl. Yes, you *can* frog brioche and get it back on the needles!

Side conversation: I’m working up a Brioche Doctor version of my Tink Drop Frog fixing mistakes class; I’ll let you know when that goes live.

Done. I love these leaves, and I had enough yarn leftover to knit one more cowl. I decided to play with the smaller leaf that I worked out for the blue hat. But! What if I made it a longer (wider) loop, too? That’s really my preferred cowl style, long and hanging down, not so much up around my neck. I’d need this yarn back to do that, though.

To the frog pond! You know that brioche is a two sided fabric, in separately worked layers. Did you know you can frog one color at a time, leaving the other color behind? This looks so cool, like a frilly petticoat peeking out under a skirt.

Almost there…

I have the new cowl about halfway done, which means it’s the traditional time where I start second and third guessing myself. Should I make the leaves even smaller? Do just I add this version on to the existing cowl pattern, or make a new pattern? I think the answer to that depends on how much extra work goes into it. Right now it’s just using the new smaller leaf from the hat, but if I make the leaves even smaller, it would be a ton of work to redo the chart and written instructions *again*, so it would want to be a separate pattern. Diminishing leaves, diminishing returns?

Really, I just need to finish knitting this so I can move on to a couple shawl ideas that are buzzing in my head. It’s time to get 2021 on the road!

12 responses to “To the frog pond, happily

  1. When I’ve frogged brioche, I take one yarn in each hand and either gently or in an enraged manner pull them out both at once. Works fine, but without fail leaves me with yarns to untangle.
    I had no idea of being able to work on one colour at a time, Michele !
    More on that, puh-lease ! 🙂

    • Just start with one color, and keep pulling! Wind as you go. I alternate after several rounds, to keep the whole thing from collapsing into a tangle. When I’m ready to get it back on the needles, I pull both of them, in the same row/round, one stitch at a time, putting each stitch back on the needle as I go. Don’t forget the YOs!

      > >

  2. I don’t think I can wrap my head around what you just did! I love the pattern and the blue and orange remind me of my beloved Mets!