One thing leads to another…

Leafy Origami test knitter Debbie Braden told me that she was wearing her small cowl like a pony tail hat. Hmmm, I thought. It would be super easy to close up the top and make a hat. So I did.

But I didn’t love it. It looked a bit bucket-like, and it was a little too big. It felt like it wanted to slide off my head. I turned up the bottom, and lost a good deal of visible leafiness. Humbug! Fixable? Challenge accepted.

If I removed a 24 stitch repeat, it would be too small. So I reduced the size of the pattern repeat to 20 stitches to make a smaller leaf, which removed 16 stitches overall. It was still going to be a little small, so I went up a needle size to change the gauge. Close enough!

Of course, removing 4 stitches meant removing 4 rounds per leaf, which meant the hat would be too short. So I added one more vertical repeat. More leaves! I had to finesse a bit at the beginning of the hat to end up with approximately the number of rounds I wanted, and it worked. It was a balancing act, and it was fun to puzzle it out.

The fit is definitely better. I think the added leaves make it easier to see them on your head, even if you turn up the brim.

So what began as a simple addition of a closing to the original Leafy Origami cowl pattern ended up being an entire re-chart/re-write. I finished it on the last day of 2020. It goes to the tech editor this week to kick off 2021. I’m looking for a couple more test knitters who are up for some challenging brioche!

I looked back at my Ravelry project page and see that I finished 28 items in 2020. Many of them were multiples for design projects and KALs: 3 Half the Knit Sky shawls, 3 Minerva cowls, 2 Deep End hats, 2 Deep End cowls. And 3 Love Note sweaters! I definitely knit a lot last year.

This year? I have several design ideas percolating in my head; we’ll see what comes of them. And I’m still knitting away on DH’s sweater, and my Katie’s Kep. Did I tell you I started that one over? My stitches were so much more even after I changed to a new needle, I decided that it would be worth it to start again. Here’s to new beginnings in 2021! Happy new year!

9 responses to “One thing leads to another…

  1. Very nice hat! It is so good that cowls can be versatile, either at the neck or as a ponytail hat! Bit great design!

  2. When a knitter is as good as are you, it is ALWAYS worth the time and effort, Michele !
    HNY to you and your entire families; and may 2021 see ever more PDX Knitterati designs.
    XO from Downunder

  3. Happy New Year, Michele. Hope you, Phil and the boys are hanging in there. Your new hat is beautiful, but I adore the color on the brown/orange one. SO pretty.

    • Thanks, Dee! I frogged the top of the autumn colors hat and finished it as a cowl, since it wasn’t a good fit. But I have enough yarn left for another hat, or cowl, ow whatever!

      We’re doing well. Still distancing from the kids, and it’s too cold out to dine in the back yard. Waiting for spring!

  4. Gorgeous colors and beautiful pattern. Wish I had half your knitting brain and knowledge. I am in awe everything you post. Happy New Year.

  5. You have much patience. The final result is beautiful!