Vogue Knitting Live January 2021

I’m thrilled to be teaching at Vogue’s Virtual Knitting Live in January. It feels like a lifetime since I taught in NYC last January, in very different circumstances! Someday, we’ll all knit together in-person again, but for now this will do. We’ve been doing virtual events since May, and it’s going pretty smoothly. For the January event, Vogue is adding some very NYC flair, including a virtual fashion show.

I’m teaching Tink Drop Frog/Fixing Mistakes, Syncopated Brioche/Syncopation Shawl or Scarf, Minerva Entrelac Cowl, and YO? YO! Fun and Fancy Elongated Stitches. And! I’m giving away a spot in one of my classes. Leave a comment and let me know which class you’d like to take if you win, and why. I’ll pick a winner on January 5. You can also leave a comment on my Dec. 29 Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter post, and/or in reply to my newsletter! I’m PDXKnitterati everywhere…

Good luck!

9 responses to “Vogue Knitting Live January 2021

  1. congregationkehillah

    I’d love to take the fixing mistakes class!



  2. I would take your Entralac class, as I have tried several times to learn how to do it, and I still can’t do it. I need that magic class. Is this it?

  3. Seriously, this is one of the things that got me interested in knitting. I saw some entrelac socks and was hooked. I’d love to learn!

  4. Have fun with your classes.

  5. I’m already signed up for your fun and fancy elongated stitches class – looking forward to it!

    • See you soon! I just added more stitches to the handout for class; we probably can’t do them all, but they have good instructions for later. And videos!

      • Very excited! This is the class I was signed up to take with you in Seattle last year, so I’m glad to finally be learning the stitches 🙂 And more than we can do in class is fine! I like taking what I get out of the classes and kind of expanding on it, so that will be wonderful 🙂

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  7. Barbara Leonard

    Brioche! I have been struggling to learn this and I am determined!