December VKL: That’s a wrap!

I had a whirlwind of classes with Virtual Vogue Knitting Live, both as a teacher and as a student. I took the morning after to knit in bed with the cats.

They didn’t seem to mind.

I taught four classes, and took three more. My first class was Exploring the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible with Gayle Roehm. I’ve used Japanese stitch dictionaries for years, but it’s so great that Gayle has translated some of Hitomi Shida’s books into English (no more guessing, or avoiding the stitches I couldn’t figure out). And learning about the Nihon Vogue Knitting Dictionary app with stitch definitions? Priceless. But it’s free. Look for Nihon Vogue in the app store, and choose the one with knitting needles.

Knit Companion on my iPad was a perfect way to see and enlarge the class handout, so I didn’t have to squint or juggle pieces of paper. You can open any PDF in Knit Companion, and the basic app is free for iOS and Android. I use it for knitting patterns all the time.

My second class was Short Rows with Bristol Ivy. She’s very detail oriented and nerdy about symmetry, which is perfect for me. We stacked 5 kinds of short rows: No action (holes!), wrap and turn, yarn over, Japanese slipped (with locking stitch markers), and German short rows. I liked the German short rows the best. And this is a sign that I’ve watched too many episodes of CSI: When I hear GSR I think “gunshot residue” before I think “German short rows.” Ha!

I took a second class on short rows with Ana Campos. I wanted to master these silly things that I’ve been avoiding! Bottom to top: Yarn over short rows, wrap and turn short rows, German short rows. All look pretty tidy from the front.

From the back it’s another story. You can definitely see the yarn overs and wraps on the bottom two. The German short rows are tidy, front and back. They take a little adapting when substituting them in a pattern, but that’s manageable. If both sides of the knitting are going to be visible, this is the way to go. If not? I’d be perfectly happy with wrap and turn.

I finished the weekend by teaching a Log Cabin Knitting class. I had a couple students that I know in real life, so that made it even more fun! Now it’s on to Hanukkah and Christmas and New Year’s projects. I have more fairy lights to knit, some baking to do, and calendar and cards to order from Shutterfly. Just keep swimming!

9 responses to “December VKL: That’s a wrap!

  1. Oh you exhaust me, you horrible woman !! [grin]
    Seriously, the Japanese stitching must be interesting; because every Japanese pattern I see is comprised of bee-yoo-tiful stitches. So I’ve started holding my breath awaiting something you make using ’em.

    • Just a tiny bit of lace bouncing around in my design mind at the moment. i’m still stuck on another brioche thought! But one thing that another student noticed, is that the swatches in the dictionary all look tiny and intricate; they’re at a smaller gauge than I usually like to work. Put it on bigger needles, and suddenly it’s a game changer!

      Also, I like taking small elements out of very complicated lace patterns, and using them as a small repeating feature instead of allover lace. Keeping it simple over here…

      > >

  2. Forgot to say that I’m delighted to see Biscuit, and had been worrying that perhaps something awful had happened.
    Btw: who bit off the top of the right ear ?

    • The cats take turns being in the spotlight! I’ll photograph whoever shows up.

      Bisquee’s ear is tipped, which is something feral cat rescues do when they spay/neuter strays, if the strays might end up back on the street. Right ear for females, left ear for males. Then you can tell at a glance whether a stray would be at risk of making more feral strays.

      > >

  3. What fun! I laughed out loud when you wrote about gsr! I listen to true crime podcasts all the time and my brain went there too. I love all of the different short rows. I took a class on Craftsy with Carol Feller. It was fabulous; a real game changer.

  4. Agree about the GSR reference! I always think the same thing 🙂 Gayle Roehm told us about the Nihon Vogue app as well, and I downloaded it immediately. Then I showed it to my Mom and she downloaded it immediately as well.
    I see you are doing your fancy elongated stitch class in the January VKL – I’m going to try to sign up for it tomorrow. We shall see if I get there before it sells out 🙂