November Virtual Knitting Live

Registration is open for Vogue’s Virtual Knitting Live! I’m pleased to be teaching 4 classes, and giving my Blocking: It’s Magic lecture again.

Madrona Cowl, Deep End Hat

I have a new and improved version of my Brioche Increases and Decreases class, featuring my Madrona Cowl and Deep End Hat. Choose either project to learn these techniques.

Log Cabin Knitting

And I have a new Log Cabin Knitting class, where you’ll learn the technique and then see a lot of ways to play with it. This is easy knitting, if you’re looking for a mindless or meditative knit.

I’m also teaching Syncopation and Petite Brioche, which are always fun. I’ve been enjoying teaching at Vogue’s events; it’s nice to empower knitters to be the boss of their knitting!

I know it’s not the same as being together in person, but virtual events are much more accessible for most. Have you been to any virtual knitting events?

2 responses to “November Virtual Knitting Live

  1. I meant to reply to you yesterday, and didn’t. This must be because I am turtle-y distracted by trying to find somewhere nice to move to – I cannot think it’s because I am derelict in any way ! 😉

  2. The log cabin class looks interesting! I am giving November a miss – my Mom will be coming back up to stay with us and gets here that weekend, so we will all be busy getting her settled in and so on. We might both do the December one though!