Facebook Live with Knit Picks

I’m having a chat with Hannah from Knit Picks on Thursday morning at 8:30 am PDT. Late notice, but here we go! Here’s a link if you want to chime in. We’ll talk about design and more! I’ll bring my current shawl knitting; I’m knitting another Half the Knit Sky with Knit Picks Hawthorne.

Hope to see you in the morning!

5 responses to “Facebook Live with Knit Picks

  1. Totally non-Facebook; but I hope you have a worthwhile and interesting discussion, Clever One ! 🙂

    • It was fun! I think it’s going to be up on YouTube, too. Not there yet, but the previous ones are, so it’s coming!

      > >

      • Can you believe that I only just realized you have a YouTube channel ? [smacks forehead]

      • Even *I* forget I have a YouTube channel! I started posting there because I didn’t have video on my blog, but now I’m paying to host my own videos. For some things, that’s more appropriate. (All those Minerva videos need the context of the blog to explain why they exist. They’re not stand alone tutorials.)


      • Glad there are reasons for the multiple outlays. Certainly it’s a pleasure to see your work in all the various places. 😀

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