Rhapsody in pink

I love my Aquarius/Beach Glass Love Note so much. It’s a teaching wardrobe staple. I have a skirt that pairs well with it.

It was such a quick knit and perfect fit, so I decided to knit one more.

This time the colors are Cherry Blossom and Ticklish, which has tiny flecks of pink and green.

Since I’m using the same yarn, hazel Knits Lively DK, and I have good notes on Ravelry, it’s a pretty mindless knit. I’m going to use all of the MC on the body, and work the sleeves in Ticklish. Thank you, past self!

I started this on Monday night. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m zooming along down the body. But now it’s time to put my knitting down and prep for my next Virtual VK Live class. I’m teaching Minerva Entrelac this afternoon. Two more classes tomorrow, both brioche, and that will be the wrap up! I’m so glad knitters can still get together, even while knitting apart.

My Facebook Live with Wool and Fiber Arts and Bead Biz was fun. We had five designers instead of four; Alasdair Post-Quinn was able to join us after all, yay! So it’s me (in my Love Note sweater above), Alasdair, Anna Dalvi, Laurinda Reddig, and Linda Dean. Here’s a link to it on YouTube if you want to watch.

And my Facebook Live with Knit Picks was postponed a week, so that should be happening this coming Thursday, June 18, 8:30 am PDT, link here. .

It’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I may knit for a moment on my porch! So different this year. Are you knitting in public?

6 responses to “Rhapsody in pink

  1. No stopping you, Clever One ! 🙂
    It certainly is a delightful garment, and the kind of thing you could make in multiples to match every accompanying clothing item – skirts and pants. Or shorts. No, not shorts: it deserves more respect. [grin]
    I had a problem with the group approach to beading: the need for each of you to introduce yourselves took up far too much time. I’m old enough and rude enough to suggest that the moderator should do that, discussing it with each in advance and giving to each no more than about a minute. Then INTO IT !
    When it’s just you, that’s different, and most enjoyable. When it’s a group it becomes a kind of chatfest and viewers feel on the outside.
    Just sayin ..

    • I didn’t even realize you were in that class! I hope you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the feedback, too. I think for the first virtual show last month, we were trying to make people feel at home. But I don’t usually do intros for everyone in class when we’re all in the same room, and I don’t think I’ll continue to do so when teaching via Zoom. We’re getting used to pandemic rules. Also, I’m not having open mics during class: too many opportunities for feedback, echo, and stray people wandering through discussing what’s for dinner. People are welcome to turn mics on to ask a question, but mic off is the better default mode. Learning as I go.

      Hoping you put lots and lots of beads in your knitting! Thanks for taking my class, and coming to my lecture, too. Cheers!

      > >

      • I misled you, Michele: I watched it on YouTube by following your link,
        I’m very happy that I didn’t offend with my gratuitous advice, and happy for you that you’re working out a kind of smoothing-out process. 🙂

  2. Your new Love Note looks just as lovely as your others! Great class today 🙂