Minerva KAL wrap up

Gradient Minerva Cowl

Here’s my Minerva that I knit for the KAL! I love how this gradient version turned out. The yarn is Huckleberry Knits DK Gradient, Practical Tactical Brilliance colorway. This is my favorite of my three Minervas.

We had a small but intrepid group of knitters for the Minerva KAL. Participants included knitters from Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest including Portland. That’s pretty cool!

Minerva Cowl

Two of the colors that I love on this Minerva meet up right at the seam, and I don’t really want to feature the seam when I’m wearing this. What’s a knitter to do?

Minerva Cowl with Shawl Belt

Tiny Shawl Belt to the rescue! This is a very tiny shawl cuff. I purchased it online from Indigodragonfly last month. It hides the seam, and it looks good, too. It’s made by purlandhank.com.

I had misplaced the Tiny Shawl Belt in my studio (it was with all my shawl pins right where it belonged; I don’t remember putting it away), so I ordered another one. And because I was afraid it wouldn’t get here from Canada in time for this photo shoot, I also ordered this Thinline Wrist Ruler from Crossover Industries here in Portland. It wraps twice on my wrist, three times on Minerva. It has quarter inch measurements, but it’s also available in a centimeter version. I love it.

Minerva Cowl with Wrist Ruler

Now I’ll have two Tiny Shawl Belts (second one still not here yet), so I’m giving one away as a KAL prize.

Other prizes include stitch markers and shawl pins. I’m messaging participants for their addresses, all over the world. Thanks for knitting along! I love seeing your projects on Ravelry, Instagram and yuur blogs. You can see more Minervas on this Ravelry page, and you can also see Minervas on Instagram with #minervakal2020.

Now my needles are empty again. I usually have one or two projects going at any time, but I just finished both of them. I’m ready to work on a new shawl design. I think I needed to work through some pandemic anxiety knitting and sewing first, and now I’m finally ready.

Also on the agenda this week: tidying up my studio so that it looks good for Zoom classes, and reviewing my classes and handouts to make sure they’re Zoom ready, too.

Back to work!

7 responses to “Minerva KAL wrap up

  1. I’m truly happy to’ve learned from you, Michele; and to’ve overcome my first poor effort to the point of a second – https://wp.me/p6zYMn-4Vl.
    I found your instructions excellent, btw; so there’s a compliment from a grumpy old lady .. [grin]

  2. Clever fix on that seam! I’m almost done my Minerva! It’s been a lovely project.

  3. Your Minerva is lovely, and the tiny shawl belt is really cute! Good cover for the seam 🙂