Lockdown Love Note finished again and again

It’s been modified yarn chicken all the way with my current Love Note sweater. I knit until I had just enough Aquarius to finish the body with 4 rows of ribbing plus bind off. It felt a tiny bit short.

Love Note DK sweater and cat

I frogged the ribbing, and knit the stockinette body until the Aquarius ran out. Then I knit 4 rounds of ribbing in Beach Glass.

I didn’t really want a contrast color ribbing at the waist (yoo hoo look over here!), but that was all the Aquarius I had.

That also meant that the sleeves would have to be in the lighter color, too.

I had plenty of Sea Glass, so I first made the sleeves at 20 rounds. But this made the sweater look too color blocky on me, so I eventually made the sleeves really short, just 4 rounds of stockinette before ending with 3 rounds of ribbing. (Yes, I tried it on at 20, 16, 12, 8 rounds as I ripped back the first sleeve. Because why not?)

In a perfect world, I would have ended the lighter color at the end of the lace, and then the body and lower sleeves would have been in the darker color. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have enough of the darker color to make that happen, so I waited until after the split for the sleeves to go back to the darker color. This was my way of avoiding an awkward dark stripe on the sleeve before having to finish with the light color. Winning!

Love Note contrast ribbing

The contrasting waistband looked fine, but I didn’t like the way it looked on ME.

Love Note sweater FO and cat

So I took it off and re-finished with the darker color again, this time with one more round of stockinette, and 3 rounds of ribbing. Now that there are sleeves, it looks better. I think blocking will help a bit, too.

So that’s Love Note, knit in a week and a day, and finished several times. I think it’s time to move on! After blocking, of course. It’s drying now. This has been a fun knit, twice, with this pattern by Tin Can Knits.

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9 responses to “Lockdown Love Note finished again and again

  1. I am making my second Love Note as well. Its fun to read your thoughts , since I dont think like you, and it gives me another view which I appreciate. I enjoy your newsletters . Thank You!
    Starting my third Love Note this week. This will be vine color one. These are Mothers Day gifts for my daughters. Surprices!
    I never made a same pattern 3 times and these are not cropped versions just a bit longer. Fun and quick knit.
    What will you knit next? ……

    • It’s always fun to pick someone else’s brain, isn’t it? I saw someone else’s Love Note on Ravelry, where she used contrast color on her lacework. That made me think that maybe I could eke out a sweater with just two skeins of DK. I had to use more of the light color because of the limits of the dark color, but that’s what got me started. Then it was just math and yarn chicken.

      Are you knitting your Love Notes in fingering/mohair, or DK? My fingering/mohair version is like wearing a cloud; it’s lovely. I wish I had somewhere to go so I can where it, before it gets too warm!

      I’m ready to start a new shawl design; I have the most luscious colors from Knit Circus. Soon! I have to do some teacher prep for Zoom classes first.

  2. Well .. as both Biscuit and Calvin approve, what’s not to like ?
    But I hafta say it, Michele: only a true, dyed-in-the-wool knitter could spend all that time – and frogging – on one article. Mind, it does look good, in the end; but I do believe only a photo of Teach wearing it will enable us to make a final judgement .. ;D

    • First, it has to dry. And second, I have to have a reason to actually get dressed in something other than yoga pants and a big T shirt! Or pajamas…

  3. [grin] Ya got me. Here’s my email signature file:

    8pm is now the official time to remove your day pyjamas and to put your night pyjamas on

  4. Beautiful! You are really rolling on your Love Notes 🙂

    • They’re very different from each other, but I love them both. I can’t wait to be able to actually go somewhere and wear them! And blocking made so much difference on both of them. Lovely!

  5. That’s a lot of finishing! I looks great though