Aloha and brioche to ring out 2019

We had our annual getaway to Hawaii in December; it was warm, wonderful, and relaxing. As one son said, it was vacation, not travel. Reading, knitting, long walks, watching the waves, the birds, the sunsets…and one day of turtle spotting.

You know I have a thing about moonsets. Our first morning coincided with the full moon, and this is what I saw at 5 a.m.

The next morning I saw the sunrise chasing the moonset. Tap the picture to embiggen. Gorgeous. I want these colors in gradient yarn!

Speaking of gradient, I finished my Aspen Leaf scarf; I love the gradient and brioche together. More on this later.

We loved the birds that visited our lanai. Mostly Java finches (Java sparrows) and yellow billed cardinals.

I learned that if you push the white still photo button while taking a video, you can get hilarious pictures of birds in action.

We spent one day at our favorite beaches, Ai’opio and Honokohau (they’re right next to each other and perfect for a walk to both). There’s a cool old stone fish trap in the water; fish would come in on the tide, and then be stuck in the pool when the tide went out. Passive fishing at its finest!

There are lots of honu, green sea turtles, lounging in the water.

And at least one petroglyph!

I love spending time with the family.


7 responses to “Aloha and brioche to ring out 2019

  1. Lovely, just lovely photos and story….while you were there, I was marching through a typical Oregon Coast wind storm to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse for my niece’s wedding. Inside the lighthouse, they recited ancient Scottish vows complete with their mothers placing plaid ties around their joined hands. I wasn’t as warm as you were but the event and family were just as nice.

  2. I embiggened it: I loved it.
    Your family is to die for, you lucky thing.

  3. I have been working on some new gradient colors. Challenge accepted!

  4. Aloha! Looks like just a wonderful vacation 🙂