Wishing you sweetness and knitting in 2020!

Wishing you a happy 2020; I hope it brings you much joy.

We had a delicious family Christmas with my side of the family. Hosting Sis not pictured; she’s behind the camera.

We celebrated Hanukkah on the 10th night. Yes, I know Hanukkah has 8 days, but I believe in celebrating when you can. It’s better than not celebrating!

Mom-in-law was here for this Hanukkah/New Year’s Eve celebration, and we made this Chocolate Cloud Cake. It was fun to make, and it looked and tasted divine. The picture isn’t particularly artful, because everyone wanted to eat the cake instead of wait for me to style it. I can’t blame them. This is going into my repeat file, for sure. Link here. Oh, it’s flourless and gluten free, too!

I hope your 2020 is full of sweetness, and knitting, too.

4 responses to “Wishing you sweetness and knitting in 2020!


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  2. Lovely stuff, Michele ! (sorry, I have already forgotten whether there’s just the lonely “l” or another as well ..)
    Nothing in the world like a family get-together, and your photos prove that.
    Downunder, I am contemplating a switch .. no, an additional O/S in a virutal window: Linux calls to me. I suspect I’ll only stuff up everything; so total silence from now on will back up said suspicion. [grin]

  3. And a very Happy New Year to you, Michele! Too bad I can’t eat chocolate, your cake looks heavenly. Oh well, there is always caramel … Thanks for all you bring to us by way of instruction, inspiration and ongoing kindness!
    Best wishes for 2020 and much joy knitting!
    Anna G.

  4. Best wishes to you for all the best in 2020! Looks like a fun family gathering 🙂

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