Soldatna color update

Well, it took all morning, but I just had to know for sure.

Here’s the green yoke version.

And here’s the white yoke version. The green and purple arrow section isn’t nearly as compelling as I imagined it would be, I think because of the nearby white. See how much more the green and dark purple stand out from each other on the first picture, when there’s no white near them? It doesn’t work that way in the second picture. Also, the green vertical stripes are harder to read on the white background, than the white vertical stripes on the green.

So I’ll be carrying on with the green yoke/purple and white arrow version!

It’s actually pretty quick knitting, when you’re not knitting two. I started these on Friday, and it’s only Monday afternoon.


11 responses to “Soldatna color update

  1. Totally agree with your choices. What yummy yarn!

    • I love this Hazel Knits yarn; I used their DK for a design this spring and wanted to use it again. And their color palette is so lovely, and works so well together. I’m almost done with the colorwork yoke, and then the body is going to be a snap! I’m not doing colorwork on the body; the variegated Iris is enough excitement for me. (There’s a little “flea” or lice pattern in the pattern.)


    • Me, too! Almost done with the colorwork section. I’m not going to add the “flea” pattern in the body; the variegation in the light purple yarn is enough excitement. And that’s the reason I wanted that color there!


  2. Debbie Gudger

    You are right. It’s so interesting to see the play of the colors and pattern. I spent a lot of time checking out Soldatna colorways on Ravelry yesterday-thanks for a good lesson in colorwork!

  3. Kathryn Sylvia

    Is the patter available

  4. It is lovely! And you are making great progress on it, too 🙂